Thursday, 9 April 2009

Todays meeting- IMPORTANT STUFF!!!!!!

------ELIZA- can you ring craig because we really need to know if area 10 is even a possibility anymore.------

Today we have:

1. contacted burgess park about potentially building there- they are passing on our details to the events team and getting back to us.

2. contacted the estate agent about a space near the bp garage near Jordan.

3. Researched cardboard and sent off for some from a packaging website.

4. learning knots

5. Flo has been developing cane structures with the knots from the book.

6. Jordan has started making structures from different shaped triangles- ie not using a net- free hand.

We also emailed Peter to hopefully get the contact details for Brian in screenprint who used to or still does order the materials for foundation- so we can hopefully use his knowledge to find out where to get some massive sheets of cardboard.

From here:

Flo is going to make a massive structure from canes.- we should all learn the knots cos they help.

Also, everyone should start creating fabrics:

-printing onto fabric

in terms of the fabric we have been discussing that it is equally important as the structures that they are self- developed and idiosyncratic. Not just using bed sheets or pre made and patterned fabrics.
Patterns used also have to relevancy to the ideas and the structures.

We are also compiling a list of other venues to contact- galleries etc. If anyone can think of ANY places they can even think to contact DO IT- we need to get on it cos its so late in the game now. WE'RE DESPERATE NOW.

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