Friday, 10 April 2009

Feedback on Posts from the last week...

...wanted to give feedback to get a bit of a conversation going. We need to move forward together instead of all separately.

In terms of your garage finds- something like the teepee I think we wouldn't really be able to use as it's a ready made structure. I think it would be better to note down how they work as structures as opposed to bringing them to London. I think the medical hospital screen thing would be very useful though.
Please try and get in contact with Craig because were in the dark venue wise. We need to know if Area 10 is even a possibility.

Which is the geodesic dome that Jordan made- do ou mean the brown cardboard one? Would you decorate the outside of your dome? put work inside it etc.?

I think we should definitely try and store some stuff at Auto Italia, even if it's a bit inconvenient, just to try and forge a bit of a conection.

I like what you said about working plant life in the park in with the structures. Ties in with the ideas about the recluse poets in my "Hut of one's Own" post.
Also Christine Tarkowski's milk crate shack is really nice- how the light sort of shines through the red plastic. The criss cross plastic looks like weave.
Also send emma a PDF without the area 10 bit on it so she can send it to a gallery , infact send one without area 10 written on it to everyone so we can fire them off to anyone and everyone.

I think we should definitely do the big handout idea. What materials could we make it out of so that it could be handled alot without falling apart?
Also I think knitting on a large scale with canes and rope could be really nice- maybe make an animation or short film about an attempt.
We were talking about knitting to generate fabric the other day-it's labour intensive so GET KNITTING. Maybe knit net shapes or geometric shapes to then sew together as a sort of quilt.

We all need to start doing alot more practical work and a lot less research.

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