Sunday, 23 November 2008

13 months ago: A 25ft (7m) replica of 'Anubis', the ancient jackal-headed god of the dead in Egyptian mythology, is carried by boat up the River Thames in central London, 01 October 2007, to publicise an exhibition entitled 'Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharoahs' which opens in London in November
whatever we want will be done! x

Thursday, 20 November 2008

late nights

we should make a really sick massive flag to fly from the back. 

just some funding based shit i'll talk about tomorrow but the links are here for future use etc;
  • bit early to sell out but fuck it - Art & Business ; info about getting businesses to sponser you/give you money/exploit you, i think they might facilitate stuff like this aswell, worth looking into.
  • The Gulbenkien Foundation - These look really promising, the blurb on another site says
"The Arts Programme is for professional arts organisations or individual professional artists working in partnerships or groups. Its purpose is to support the development of new artmaking in any artform. It excludes activities which are linked to mainstream education. Under its Arts in Public Spaces scheme, grants are available for early research and development activities leading to particularly imaginative and unusual projects devised for urban or rural landscapes, the built environment and the countryside, and to be led by artists, curators or arts organisations.
As a guide, grants rarely exceed £15,000."
  • This Public Art site has got some other good funding leads, some that ain't got websites of their own, i found this on there:
    Dulux Community Projects
    ICI Paints, sponsor of the scheme, provides help to recognised voluntary groups who wish to carry out painting projects for the benefit of the community. Free supplies of paint are awarded for use in connection with worthwhile community projects.

purely gutting, definitely could've rinsed that for the mural!

  • also i watched this videozine Hold Fast recently about the Anarchist Yacht Club, they bought a shitty boat for $1000, did it up and sailed to the Bahamas each winter for 2 years. pretty nuts and vaguely relevant. there is some boat-building info on the website aswell but not really relevant. 
word, see youse at the mural.



just what eliza emailed a while ago but thought it should go on here.. xx

just read the text...ha
but floating stuff, lit up.
we could do something huge and floating but not be permanently attached to it? like something like this that we can all go out with then detach (cant remember how to spell) from it? or just float next to it?
...we dont have to be the 'thing' we can just go alongside it..i will explain next time if this doesnt make sense!!
also itll be lighter that way and less likely to sink..and if it does sink, its fine because we arent on it! woo

eliza's 'what we will probably look like'..haaaa
i found this:
got some technical bits on it and workload etc..its alot more than we're doing but still..a bit more info!







Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Things to consider...

1. “ We live in a spectacular society, that is, our whole life is surrounded by an immense accumulation of spectacles. Things that were once directly lived are now lived by proxy. Once an experience is taken out of the real world it becomes a commodity. As a commodity the spectacular is developed to the detriment of the real. It becomes a substitute for experience. ”
—Larry Law,
Images And Everyday Life

2.Taking back experience
eg. the situationist view:
'The Situation: this concept, central to the SI, was defined in the first issue of their journal as "A moment of life concretely and deliberately constructed by the collective organization of a unitary ambiance and a game of events."'

3.ships/boats role history of exploring new lands- ours could be to do with an imagined land- imaginary creatures etc.
- links to the ideas we were having regarding the 2012 exhibition

Loving how cheap the registration shit could be. Pete's a legend.

xx xx

thames boat registration

as far as i can tell, if you've got an engine, registration depends on how big the boat is BUT;

"Unpowered registration charges
The annual registration charge for an unpowered vessel for 2008 is £27.50.

If the vessel is visiting the Thames then short period registrations are available.

A 31 day registration costs £12.50 and a 1 to 6 day registration cost £6.50.

Unpowered registrations can either be applied for in advance by post using the form below or alternatively registrations can be bought from any lock on the Thames on the day of use."

i.e- if we've got a sail boat or raft or dinghy etc, its cheap as chips.

if we were sailing on THE SEA we wouldn't need one, but on the thames you definitely do.

"A Private Pleasure Boat Licence allows a boat to be used for pleasure or personal residential use for standard periods of three, six and twelve months. It does not permit a boat to be used for hiring, carrying goods or passengers for payment or any other commercial function - these activities require a British Waterways Business Licence. This is not only appropriate for businesses but for social clubs, local authorities, charities and time share operators."

+Licenses depend on how big the boat is/how powerful it is, whether its got an engine and how much stuff is onboard (how much tech stuff like fridges and tellys and shit). Unfortunately we need an MOT and insurance, but this could be less faff than it sounds:

"Before being issued with a licence, motorised craft need to pass a stringent MOT-like test called the Boat Safety Scheme, which assesses whether the boat meets the necessary safety standards.
A licensed craft will also need to have at least third party insurance. This is the same as a car needs to drive on public roads, although it is less of a headache on the water as the costs are much lower and so most people opt for the ‘all risks’ cover."

the sultans elephant

unrelated - dont know if people remember this but i guess its an example of creating an event or experience that spreads through word of mouth and is personal to the people who see it.


we could create something that moves as we move with the air and the tides.

how to build a raft.

get base to build up from..

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


slightly off the boating scale but still food for thought; here's an advertising campaign by a surf company called insight51... the campaign is called dopamine and i'm not quite sure what the idea behind it is but i find these photos really interesting.

the photographer is dustin humphrey. more photos and info here:

River of Death

"The Thames runs through Southern England along a wide low lying valley – its flood plain. Throughout the centuries the Thames has burst its bank, swamping riverside settlements causing death and destruction. Because properties beside the river have always been popular people have often ignored the lessons of the past, and they continue to build on the highly desirable land of the Thames flood plain. High embankments and flood alleviation schemes are all part of man’s constant fight against Nature. The great threat to London comes from the sea. Throughout history high tides and strong winds have pushed the sea up the estuary, flooding low-lying areas. It is recorded that AD 1816 people rowed through the Great Hall of the Palace of Westminster, whose floor was covered in dead and dying fish. As the flood waters receded the Victorians considered that the building of the Embankments would protect against flooding. However, as stated before, this resulted in the narrowing of the river, and increased its depth, thus making it necessary over the years to raise the walls still higher. The Thames is now 3 metres deeper than it was 300 years ago."

- from

not massively interesting but i enjoyed the bit about the fish.

me again
more on Floating Neutrinos and swoon etc (from switchback sea stuff)
not read the whole thing but will do soon xx

i hope you all realise the previous post was a joke

im sure we can somehow get whatever we want to float?

pitch outfits yeah?

same wave length as you all defo

boats for sale cheapest first etc, there are loads to look through:
£66 for this apparently-wheres the catch? don't get it!

love the stuff jord put up

defo up for buying a boat but if not the raft things pete put up look good/fun/slightly dangerous.

£1800, why not>>

gonna keep looking! x

100% luxury

here's a painting of a lovely boat by American painter Liz Brown, complete with neon sails.

and anyone remember rosie and jim?

more from swoon

more to add to pete's post about swoon... before doing her swimming cities project (summer 2008) she did another very similar project called The Miss Rockaway Armada (summer 2007), which was more focused on a collective of people building/living and performing together, where as swimming cities was apparently more focused artistic expression. anyway, nothing especially new but just some more handmade boats to admire...

website: - check the 'raft' page for info on how they built some of the boats.

and news section of the site contains an installation they did in Eindhoven (netherlands) which looks amazing (

they've also been invited to do other installations after these river boating projects - interesting to note how interiors are built and given the same attention as the outside of the boats. these pictures are from an installation currently at the massasuchetts museum of contemporary art which runs till march 2009 (more info here

"Why are we doing this?
For a bunch of reasons. For the adventure. For the impossibility. But for more than this. We grew up in small towns. We remember the bookmobile and the punk rock band that seeded little pieces of something else. And now, even though we moved to big cities and found people like us, we still live in a country that fights wars so it can consume more. We are taking the urge to flee and heading for the center. We want to meet people who aren’t like us. We want to meet ourselves at age 16. We want to be a living, kicking model of an entirely different world — one that in this case happens to float. Plus we suspect that there is something wildish about seeing the stars night after night from the grand old Mississipi. Yeah sure, the Colorado is prettier, and the Rio Grande is its own divide, but the Mississippi has always been the main artery of this country. We want to start where the blood flows straight from the heart."

- lets not forget we need a reason for what we're doing.

pete boat feedback

hello- the yellow one is lush!!!! we could so fundraise enough to buy that shit- actually being serious. i don't think we should dismiss buying one at all.

Also that picture at the bottom- the raft type thing looks good.


Monday, 17 November 2008

boat shit

been on gumtree and found this;

obvs i'm not saying we should buy any of these, but just a general idea of prices etc. i don't know if a sail boat is going to be more or less expensive seeing as it hasnt got an engine. but i dont reckon there are that many little sail boats on the thames.

alternatively, if we're gonna do it all not on the main central stretch of the thames, we could look into rafts a bit more.
this website has got some pretty sick ideas for floatation devices and shit.
or we could make a bunch of these. the plans are on this site

or something more like this;



Sunday, 16 November 2008

this shit...

...looks good

Thursday, 13 November 2008

new look

it was looking a bit dusty so thought i'd give it a clean.

hope ya like it kiddos.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea

this is what i tried to find the other day at school but couldn't, it's this thing Swoon organised this year and its fucking SICK. 

Can't post any photo's here cos they're all tech websites. Check it out though, absolutely nuts.

"Swimming cities of Switchback Sea is a flotilla of seven intricately hand crafted vessels that will navigate the stretch of the Hudson River between Troy and the New York harbor this August 15th - September 7th. Imagined as a hybrid between boats and bits of land mass broken off and headed out to sea, the Switchback vessels will make stops in towns along the river bringing performances and music. Over the course of three weeks they will make their way toward their home port - an invented landscape tucked into a niche along the East River in Long Island City, Queens."

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Hello all,

For the next Jungle Meet it's VISUAL TIME.

Bring drawings, clippings, bits of paper, photographs, diagrams, models- anything so long as it's visual and related to an idea or ideas you've got for the murals- materials, techniques, themes, designs, public participation ideas etc.

Less chat, more looking and making pictures.

In other words If you think it would be good to do a mural about cats then bring loads of drawings of cats.

I need to know when everyone is free- especially you Jayd Brigwud- pull up yor sox mrs.

I think the meeting should be Monday or Tuesday the 29th and 30th. Which is better for all yous??

lots of mural love
x from florence x

Saturday, 20 September 2008

crazy changes

Ok- Jordan is going away to scottyland on monday so the Jungle meet is now on ☆SUNDAY THE 21ST☆ from 4pm onwards at Rainbow Street. I hear Jade is moving in to her house on that day, and Katie is still in India- till the 22nd i think- so lets just have a meeting with everyone who can make it on Sunday at 4, and we can have another one when the extra people are free- maybe on the 23rd or 24th. BUT FOR NOW ITS SUNDAY 21ST AT 4 O CLOCK. be there or be a square.


Thursday, 18 September 2008

hello fellow bloggers

i have OFFICIALLY penciled the *MURAL MEETING* in my diary.


i'm taking it there's 2 (maybe 3) things to discuss:  murals and zines (and maybe bic cristals!)

i'm going to try and draw now, bloody hell.


Jade I just looked at that link thing you put down there- Lets design loads of biros! we should enter 1 millions times.
Im loving the enthusiasm for the mural project!!!I feel like the sooner we have the meeting the better so shall we say Monday the 23rd? at Rainbow street, four o clock or whatever i said in the last post.
Me and Jordy have been doing some research and stuff about paints and that for the mural so theres lots to tell.
We can chat about zine tings too- £15 is a knockdown price between 10 which is nice.

Also- my drawings have been shocking so far. I started yesterday and I tried to draw a horse and it came out really lumpy.

love love xxx

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

poo and wee

pete,the stall is good and look at this EVERYONE:


Tuesday, 16 September 2008

we're in the zine fair

just got an email of the Handmade & Bound cats;

"Hi Peter, 

Are you still interested in a stall at the Handmade & Bound fair? If so, we would like to have 'The Jungle Club' there. Stalls are £15 and all the books have to be handmade and affordable. You can also being related handmade prints and badges + t-shirts.

We would like all participants to make flyers and posters for the event, which we can put up on the website as PDF or jpg downloads. We will also be asking people to pay up front to avoid people dropping out / empty stalls on the day with us having to pay for the venue out of our own pockets

Look forward to hear from you.



we're in. i guess we can discuss plans, etc at the Jungle meeting. rad. 

Monday, 15 September 2008

lions and tigers and bears - oh my!

the murals sounds ace - very exciting start to the new term. i am free any time for a meeting with a little advanced notice. . . .

i'm glad i'm not the only one who STILL hasn't done any proper work.

the race is on



i am excited to be a lion
whatever days best for everyone else is good for us! just let us know...we havent got the internet at our house yet though..
jadebob- i havent started any drawings yet.. im still reading the book..oh dear
and yes any drawings i have tried to do that arent homework are all poo. yay

Sunday, 14 September 2008

go wid da flo(rence)

god,i am shit at this,ent i?

YYYYYYEEEEAH.fankz,flo.i want to do murals and i promise to keep track of this blog. i forget we have this, you know.

i move into my house on the 21st. so,on this day or any time after is good with me.

-also,jdog... poetry briefs.yes please.
-also,60 drawings,finished about 4? what's everyone else done?

absolutely dreading getting all this work sorted.

p.s i am shit at drawing still

Friday, 12 September 2008


Camberwell Arts have asked me to assemble a team of brave young lions to do four murals around Camberwell Green. Three of them will be in a playground and the other will be on a long stretch of black board type things on Camberwell New Road.

meeting at my house
21 Rainbow Street SE5 7TB
23rd or September?
24th September?
when would be the best day for everyone


Saturday, 6 September 2008


hey guys, sorry have been shite on the whole replying to this front but im in india so has been a bit difficult finding an internet place which isnt crammed with people and has no air conditioning but i made a special effort today because I WENT TRECKING AROUND A JUNGLE THIS MORNING!! we saw a family of elephants 100m in front of us, bison and monkeys and frogs and lizards and millions of birds and weird scary bugs and LEECHES!! got up at 5am trecked so have lots to share about jungle time when get back!!

i am up for anything and everything thats been suggested on here and i dont know how to bloody draw anymore either, its embarassing! at least we're all in the same boat!! anyway hope everyone has a house and is having awesome summer! love to all and meet up when we're all back in london, im back 22nd! xxxx

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


j-bird, would you be able to email me the poetry jazz as well? cheers ears. (j-bird- did i send you that text about the drums???)

hope everyone is gravy and enjoying a panic stricken end to the summer holidays xxxxx

Saturday, 30 August 2008

I'm in on the table front!

I'll contribute to the table for sure ladies and gents, i'll start working on a zine for it asap. Also, could you send me a poetry brief as well J bird? merci beaucoup. xxx

Sunday, 24 August 2008

hey flo, i just emailed you the poetry briefs. if anyone else needs them let me know and i'll send it over.


Saturday, 23 August 2008


does anyone have the brief for the poetry jacket project?


Friday, 22 August 2008


hey jordan xxx
In order to present a coherent idea in such a short time to the french dudes i think it's important to talk about this face to face and work out what we would want to do. Are you in London before then?

Im totally up for doing it but I've got a billions of things to do so I would only want to do it if we both agreed to put our all into it and make it good and only do it if the idea was strong enough. If you see what I mean. I don't mind being stressed and overworked and all that but not if the end result is a bit shit.

I'm free on those dates but I've got work in the evenings



okay, well i'm confused now. i've been getting emails from the french people about having to submit ideas by sunday and all that stuff, and those emails were sent to about 15 different people, one of whom is me... however i've just got this email that was sent exclusively to me:

Hello Jordan

We will come to London 4 or 5 september for meeting all english artist.
Are you in London this day ?
We will present the event to all artist, it's important to see you if you are interesting by the Braderie de l'Art.

If you are interested, give me your phone Number ?

See you


... so that's good. but i'm not sure now if we still need to submit ideas to them by sunday... does anyone have any ideas as to what i/we should do?

anyone free on the 4th and 5th of september???


i don't even know what a pencil is anymore

if the book people don't get back to peter can we all dress up as monkeys and parrots and run around jumping on tables at the fair please?

flo. i don't have time to do anything for the french art fair now. maybe next year? - i'm really sorry guys i let you all down on this one... i'm a disappointment to you all and i sincerely apologise.

oh things aren't looking up for the jungle club kids...

Thursday, 21 August 2008


on the note made about the shocking nature of drawings made since the beginning of summer - i whole heartedly agree. . . . .BAH HUMBUG

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

☆ fucko

My reply for jungle zine table is YES IM SOOOO ON BOARD.

Pete: even if they don't get back to you we'll jus' show up with our own fookin table and set up our little area. It'll be the best one so they won't ask us to leave. NO FOOKIN WAY.

Jordy: If you're up for just making some rubbish look arty for France then I am too.

Im making a jungle book but not the disney one obviously

xxx flo

Sunday, 17 August 2008


amen jade. ive been trying to finish the same drawing for about 4 days and i always make it a little bit shitter til i stop.

i emailed the table people but they still haven't got back to me. it seems like the mere mention of us jungle club kids makes people be tits and bail out. i think they know we are mega arty and zany and kerraazzzy and are probably going to smash their place up.

i'll email again and keep youse posted

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Jungle Table

hi wee faces and poo heads.

i really wana do this zine thing that the willis mentioned. not just for myself, but for the reputation of camberwell illustration 10.

let's have a 'yes' or a 'no' from fellow artists that wana contribute to a table.

i am 'yes', of course.

p.s ellie is a ho. thank you miriam for confirming this.

p.p.s is anyone else having trouble drawing? my recent attempts are shocking.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Word on the exhibition

Hope everyone's having a great Summer,
You know i said there was an alternative email address for a guy called Sam at scene nights and that i could email that one too? Well, i got word back and scene nights say that they are no longer working with bar 2012 but that they will let us know when they find a place that can showcase art. Possibly promising, possibly not, at least for a while anyway. What does the club reckon?

Friday, 8 August 2008


I'm all for the tables sounds ace! Somewhere for our jungle ideas to have a concrete outlet, if the 2012 exhibition doesn't come to fruition. over and out.x

Thursday, 7 August 2008


and the jungle that is jades hair.

by the way this thing with the french art festival... who actually desperately really wants to do it? at the moment i'm not really fussed whether i do it or not, if i'm completely honest. i might feel differently closer to the time but right now whatever. so if anyone actually really really wants to do it let me know and we can sort something out... or 4 of you can take charge and i can forward on your details to the people who run it.

we're supposed to submit ideas by end of august but there doesn't seem to be many ideas that actually seem conceivable unless we have special weldering or electronics or sculptural skills. i personally think the best thing we can do is grab some objects from skips like chairs, cupboard doors or whatever and just paint/draw/decorate them till they look art school chic... yea?

p.s. word to the book fair.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


I think we'd be mad not to do a jungle club table-and definitely a jungle club table as opposed to a camberwell illustration table. we could even think about getting two tables?
The subject matter of our books could be really varied:
there's the Jungle Grill on Camberwell Green,
jungle music,
Jungle Hair and Nails on the Kilburn High Road (NW6),
the city as a jungle,
the animals of the jungle, how jungles are formed,
people who live in jungles,
deforestation etc etc.


ps. I work really near 2012 so tomorrow before work or maybe after work today I'm going to go in and ask about it. Just to try and get a yes or no out of them.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


nothing from smellie ellie,bitch.

zeen queen

i like what pete says. i too have been looking at this.
i think we should deffo go for it.
what do others think?

Monday, 4 August 2008

home & away is on it's summer break

Still no news?

This is unrelated but something else we could think about doing, a book/zine art fair in london. Here's the email, underneath is a link. We could get a Camberwell Illustration table and all make stuff for it. Split the cost of a table but I reckon easily make it back. Or we could get just Jungle Club table and have some sort of overall theme. Maybe it could lead on from this exhibition. Anyway, worth thinking about!

"Handmade and Bound - The affordable London book art & zine fair

The fair will be on Saturday 8 November 2008 at St Aloyisus Social club, corner of Eversholt Street and Phoenix Road, Euston, London NW1. (nearest tube: Euston).

We have booked the venue for the whole day and evening, so we can have the book fair first and then have a party afterwards. There is a (cheap) bar there already, and decks and a stage, so we can DJ ourselves and possibly also have a few bands playing. We will have a table with homemade cakes too.

Each stand (table) will cost approx. £15 for the day.

You can sell anything from small photocopied booklets and zines, to more elaborate books (made from any material) - or you can make badges, t-shirts, prints related to the books/zines... anything goes. As long as it's affordable - you could for example make 'masters' of something and then produce copies of it for the fair, so you can keep the originals. And please keep in mind that it is a book fair, not a craft or art fair - so no knitted mittens or paintings on canvas...

We should be able to arrive at the venue at 10am to set up, so people can decorate their tables and surrounds with cardboard cut outs, fabric, fairy lights etc. (the more creative the better, but no painting directly on the walls, floors or tables!) and then open the fair at 12 o'clock.

We are in the process of setting up a website (, mailing list (details to follow), and there is a facebook group : which we set up about 48 hours ago!

Interested? Email simon (at) theimagesurgery (dot) com"

Handmade & Bound

Wednesday, 30 July 2008


hi guys!
dont really know what to say...
has anyone heard from ellie yet? shes poo.
just that if we cant do it there, wherever we may get instead probably wont allow us to do whatever we want to the space which is also poo.
but i really like the ideas of creating an environment etc. also what pete was saying sounds welll good! the Christoph Buchel
bit especially! so if its all go with ellie then woop! but if not...what should we do? i hope she replys saying yep!
yh miriam! - i think we should go on a trip to the natural history museum when we're all back
hope everyone is well and loving the sunshine...
im not enjoying it soo much..
i got burnt today..
bad times.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Ellie the Bitch

I'm all for putting the pressure on Ellie and seeing whats going on, on the original post for this on blackboard there's an email address for a guy/girl called Sam as well so i'll email badger them too if you like and if you beat anyone up Flo we'll cover for you with the police, thats what Jungle Club's about. . . If it does fall through though i say we take the show on the road, and by road i mean different venue. I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

Friday, 25 July 2008


Sorry about the absence Jungle Clubbers! I use the internet at my local library and they had industrial action, then they were completely booked out then they had to evacuate because someone had left their shoppping next to 'Alternative Healthcare' and the staff thought it might be a bomb-Thats right, terrorists know that Birmingham and Britain would fall apart its female pensioners didn't get there fix of large print Mills and Boon. . .
Anyway, out of all the ideas, i'm most crazy in love with the transformation of the space into a Jungle.
I'd been walkin the halls of the Natural History Museum before i came back to Brum and looking at a lot of anthropological and botanical illustration. I particularly like the illustrations of environments where every inch is swarming with animals and insects and fish and stuff. I was thinking we could include something like this as part of ours?

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

In That Case

...lets be on the look out for other places to have our exhibition. Should I go down there and try and find out if we're still on? I could rough her up a bit.

Monday, 21 July 2008

i hate to be the bearer of (maybe) bad news

hoping for a response, i have been emailing the bitch, ellie, but to no avail.
i haven't heard from her since visiting the space.
so, she hasn't confirmed our slot.

as far as i'm concerned we should still continue throwing ideas out there. you know, it's all good practice. however, i'm starting to doubt ellie's commitment to us.

fuck her though, if all else fails, we can take the show somewhere else.


brrap brrap


apologies for not writing for a while ---> moving house is S.T.R.E.S.S.F.U.L

not got long to write, but just read the idea about the masks and i was just thinking about how if you were a different animal it would change your perseption of what you were seeing i.e in colour/black and white/ height you see from/ what you see --bats see with sonar, snakes see with taste, moles see with smell

so maybe if you put a mask on of a deiffernt animal/creature it could change your view of what you see - like those amazing 3D glasses you used to get .

also with the jungley theme - scale might be an interesting thing to look at.

i have to go and finish painting a wall (the excitment) but will think about it as i paint ---really interesting ideas from everyone,

E xxx

some pictures and that

word up on monica canilao. i am a little bit in love with her. she did this show with swoon where they built treehouses and completely filled & covered the space

for an explorers camp we could make big canopies like this

also the singer of Fall of Efrafa makes these weird creatures and makes diary entries and documents etc asif they were discovered by explorers. they are really beautiful and i think relevant. i can't figure out how to post pictures from his website here but definitely take a look;

i went to an exhibition a few years ago by Christoph Buchel and it was maybe the best thing i've ever been to. I think it might've been mentioned in one of our talks. Basically he completely filled this warehouse with stuff. you walked in and it was like a hotel, but then you had to climb through a hole in the bottom of a wardrobe to get into the next room. there was a massive truck and you climbed in it and then went to the front and climbed down into a secret circular room. there was another section where you had to climb down into a freezer which led into the soil under the warehouse, you then had to crouch and walk through a tunnel which then opened out into this epic tent room like an archeologists site. it was mental. we could maybe incorporate this into the space, like have people have to climb through or into things. i also think it might be interesting if we don't make it completely explicit its an exhibition. like if the shop front was all dusty and you didn't really know what was going on. i dont know. just ideas.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

stump fucker

i really want to make a jungle. The sci-fi thing doesnt really excite me in any way- sorry im being a big girl.
What emma said about the "heads bodies and legs" idea was really interesting. We could play that game on a grand scale. Using large sheets of paper- someone draws a head (tiger,whale,armadillo whatever) then covers up that drawing and the next person draws the body of whatever animal they wanted and then the next person does the legs. If we did very detailed drawings, and forget about style or trying to look cool- drawings like the one's you find in scientific journals where the aim is to provide as much information and detail as possible we could end up with some really cool weird but nice bits of work to go in the explorers hut. I dont know if that made any sense.

Im also interested in making violent stuffed animals and people aswell.

I think we should definitely be as creative as possible. By that I mean lets not just regurgitate victorian biological type stuff, with wooden cabinets and all that, lets try and invent our own type of explorer's hut or jungle floor- not just recreate what we know already exists. We can and should take inspiration from taxidermy and victoriana but we shouldnt be all lazy and do whats been done loads of times before. dont know if that made sense either.

i want to put pictures up but i hate doing google image search and putting up stuff thats a bit random. im going to do some drawings of ideas for jungle club this week and scan them in.

I wish I didn't have to work so god dam much!!!!!!!!

lots of love from wesley snipes

Friday, 18 July 2008

thought i'd share this with you all

i got told i look like this today


let's just make a fuck off jungle with retrofuture hybrid animals inhabiting the space.
i like this.

i lol 'cause florence is a stump fucker.
Hi guys, sorry not commented in a while-my stepdad likes to hog the computer. It's not so fun sharing lol.

Also, sorry but tomorrow I'm working all day then ill be out in the evening then sunday I go to Bristol for a week so I won't be able to comment again until after that..Just thought I'd let you all know so you didn't think I was ignoring this or anything!

But yeah...when I get back I shall reply lots...All the ideas sound gooooood! I especially like the jungle thing with the diaries with entries and making our own species up etc..this could be really interesting.. Also we could collaborate on some of these maybe? like when you're younger...

Ours could be abit more sophis lol or not?? but yh we all draw parts of creatures??? etc. maybe?

Also I like the mask thing..yeah if we wear them itl only have to be on the opening night? as we cant be there all the time. would ours be of animals or the people living and researching etc there? (the explorers etc) but i also like alices idea of getting the visitors to wear the masks? would this only be the opening night also? or all the time? what would theres be of? how many would we need etc?

I will try and think of as many ideas whilst I'm away and I'll check back as soon as possible.

Love em xx

the jungle club rules.

suggestions regarding the jungle idea:

-masks-maybe people could be given animal masks to wear when they come in so that it could be vaguely interactive without being intimidating. maybe.
- on the note of interaction there could also be drawers and books that people could open and discover something else. There are two plays- Faust and the masque of the red death made by a company called punch drunk and one of the things I like about their idea is that everybody who went to the plays had a different experience because of the nature of the rooms and the actors. I’m not suggesting anything on the scale of actors but it could be nice for each person’s experience of it to be more unique…

- Exploration: 18th/19th century explorers collecting samples of species- (the animal rooms at the horniman museum

animals in jars, butterflies pinned to boards…

Love the camp and journals ideas- Darwins journals...

Katie- you could put some of your animals in resin stuff in the exhibition. That would be coooool.

It would be so good to make our own animals to put in jars- ie people think they know what they are going to see cos it looks like something else but we could shock them with something they don’t expect…

-The hybrids thing…Objects like that monkey with a mermaid tail in the horniman- obviously people didn't know about the rest of the world and species were still being discovered- when people first saw the duck billed platypus they thought it was a trick like the monkey mermaid thing.
There are thousands of places like the rainforests in guyana where there are thousands of animals which have never been seen by humans.
Love Jordan’s idea about making our own hybrids and stuff - we could investigate different aspects of model making- like techniques used by special effects people for ideas etc as well as fabric and stuff…

-Monica Canillo’s installations are really cool. They are so intricate and detailed but a really big scale. I think they look so impressive. There will be so so much work to make ours as detailed etc but it could look amaaaaaazing…

Look at her website for more of the pictures I can’t copy to here.

lots of love
alice xx