Monday, 4 August 2008

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Still no news?

This is unrelated but something else we could think about doing, a book/zine art fair in london. Here's the email, underneath is a link. We could get a Camberwell Illustration table and all make stuff for it. Split the cost of a table but I reckon easily make it back. Or we could get just Jungle Club table and have some sort of overall theme. Maybe it could lead on from this exhibition. Anyway, worth thinking about!

"Handmade and Bound - The affordable London book art & zine fair

The fair will be on Saturday 8 November 2008 at St Aloyisus Social club, corner of Eversholt Street and Phoenix Road, Euston, London NW1. (nearest tube: Euston).

We have booked the venue for the whole day and evening, so we can have the book fair first and then have a party afterwards. There is a (cheap) bar there already, and decks and a stage, so we can DJ ourselves and possibly also have a few bands playing. We will have a table with homemade cakes too.

Each stand (table) will cost approx. £15 for the day.

You can sell anything from small photocopied booklets and zines, to more elaborate books (made from any material) - or you can make badges, t-shirts, prints related to the books/zines... anything goes. As long as it's affordable - you could for example make 'masters' of something and then produce copies of it for the fair, so you can keep the originals. And please keep in mind that it is a book fair, not a craft or art fair - so no knitted mittens or paintings on canvas...

We should be able to arrive at the venue at 10am to set up, so people can decorate their tables and surrounds with cardboard cut outs, fabric, fairy lights etc. (the more creative the better, but no painting directly on the walls, floors or tables!) and then open the fair at 12 o'clock.

We are in the process of setting up a website (, mailing list (details to follow), and there is a facebook group : which we set up about 48 hours ago!

Interested? Email simon (at) theimagesurgery (dot) com"

Handmade & Bound

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