Sunday, 22 February 2009


hello kids,

i just wanted to say - i hope all went really well at Brighton today. i'm sorry i couldn't be there.. look forward to seeing lots of uber arty fish eye lensed group thumbs up jungle based photos.

i'm good for a meeting when ever, where ever (a Shakira quote there for Miriam and Chloe!)


Friday, 20 February 2009

Next week

is literally a full one for me.
however depending on which day i'm sure i'll be able to work around the meeting, depending on how full my day is.
onto me suggesting this then saying "i can't come" what a doofus. anyways, if people come up with a day, i can come up with a plan.
that way we'll all be happy.

merry zine making folks.
p.s eliza, your workshop idea sounds rad sweets.
i love you all x

Thursday, 19 February 2009


suggestions for dates when everyone is free- i'm free any day next week? i propose rainbow street as a meeting place. why not.

n a u t i c a l k n o t s

i have been looking at nautical knots as a possible skill for us to use for den building - they are really beautiful and really practical...i would quite like to try and learn some of these as my skill. they would make good workshops too

(can't upload photos at the moment - facebook is being a nerd, but i will when it is working again)

i agree with Chlo about the next meeting - we can start making dates and plans etc


beautiful people. 
i was thinking maybe we could have a meeting soon, round at someones house? tea & biscuits & mental MIND MAPPING. basically go sick with what we think etc. i think it'd be nice to talk face to face about it rather then just speak on here. No way am i dissing the blog only sometimes it's hard for me to get onto it-i have no idea why. my computer skills are rubbish & my mac probably hate's my guts. However, yes. we need to plan our next experimentation & such.Let's get on it after the brighton zine fair. i hope i get some decent stuff done before then. deary me.

also i've really become obsessed with tipies & red indian's.
check out the absolute babe ^above^
you's love it x

Friday, 13 February 2009

some course options

Floodlight is good.

yes chloe and elizabeth

I agree with what elizabeth and chloe have written. I feel really good about each of us taking on a skill, welding, bricklaying, carpentry, wattle and daub, yurt building. I think this would be really positive. Everyone should research stuff they would like to learn and courses, friends, or places you could tap to learn it. Like those free courses Peter mentioned at Lewisham college (or something like that).

Also I think elizabeth is right to address the question of the audience's "reaction to the space". hmmmmmmmmmm. food 4 thought.

hey hey

I was thinking about what Pete and Luke said about the den being so personal that they felt uncomfortable being in 'our' space.

I went to shunt(the performance company/bar in the underground arches of london bridge) the other day for a meeting and the guy that runs it was saying that one of the reasons he think the space works so well is that because the entrance is only a tiny door within the station there is a great sense of discovery for all who see and experience it. It becomes personal for those who go there- and even though 3000 people go there a week it feels like a place only you know about.

I found this interesting because I think if the space we build can have the element of discovery and exploration the audience will be able to take the space on as their own- and hopefully not feel like they are not meant to be there or that they are intruding on our space.  I think that one of the reasons it was maybe uncomfortable on the presentation day is because we ushered them in and then sat outside which is not necessarily what we'd be doing to the audience of our space, but I think that we have to make it so that the audience wants to explore the space- can discover different parts of the space that no one else has seen etc.

I didn't go and see Faust or Masque of the Red Death (and I know we're not doing a performance) but I imagine it to have a similar feeling. As you walk round the space each audience member had their own experience of the play, each go into rooms and discover things that not everyone is seeing.

I think it would be interesting to create a space that everyone comes away feeling different from- so that not everyone saw all of it- or it changes as people go round so that everyone comes away with a different experience. 

just ideas.

love love love


Thursday, 5 February 2009


to be a jungle clubber i am.
thanks alot for putting the picture/pitch together flo, you did a brilliant job.
tar to em & jordy for making foldy-outy-amazingness. skillz blood.
I really really want to take on board what peter said about welding & all that bizz, imagine that on our cv's "yeah and we're rad at sticking mental together to" eat that employers!
we should look into the place he mentioned.
i'm thinking once we've handed are stuff in on tuesday, we should scedule a jungle club meeting to discuss & evaluate our pitch etc, if everyones down?
also PETER WILLIS, can you help me with the zine making stuff please, my old zine's were horrendous, so i need the king, that is you to help me. (pretty please) i'm thinking a zine making workshop like last time?-even though i didnt get involved in the making, i just sat & moaned. 
anyways, good work guy's
we all win at life.
p.s the picture above is incrediable. i want to do something with block colour for our den making, yes i do!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

peter willis.

you're a god.
i propper looked at your patch too & didnt notice a thing.
i tried uploading the rest of my pics, but this blog's not having any of it. i think we're all aware that emma papped the lot of us, toooo much today.
love her though.
love you all.

p.s i looked up what shaniqua means.
brilliant. check it out!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

3 things

1. holy smokes! bob & roberta smith is an absolute king. i've got two of his books. we should definitely become mates with him thats nuts

2. through the grapevine (i.e-facebook snooping) i've heard that there are no more projectors in the loan store. shit. we'll have to borrow one but i guess if we're last it should be easy. also we're popular so can butter someone up.

3. i sewed the patch on my hoodie wonky. im glad no-one mentioned it today. you guys are true friends.

1st den.

this is us, making our first den.
more slr (better) pictures to follow, most probs.
OK my net's being annoying, so i'll upload the rest later gaters xo 

Monday, 2 February 2009

tomorrow? plus kelly plus me and miriam bought some sticks, pegs and washing line

I think if college is open tomorrow we should all still endeavour to go in for 10 and meet in the book room + attempt to build something. Theres no point in postponing it really. Having more time to do it can only be a good thing. Please tell me if i'm being a supernerd by still wanting to do it.

Pictures of amazing snowmen built by kids on camberwell green including a cat snowman, a sad snowman, a snowman with a massive head and a tiny one armed snowman with a newspaper hat coming soon.

Also here's an email kelly sent me in response to me saying "can you help us find a space for our project":


Thanks for the photos and update: I've also been down to the Estate to see
the work. Looks good. I'll drop by on the 16th and hope it doesn't snow

I can certainly try to help you find space in Camberwell for you. Is
there any way you would be interested in running the project as part of
this year's Camberwell Arts Festival. This year's dates are 20-28th June,
which is a bit later than you propose but if you can fit in with these
dates (or even if you could keep your project running until these dates)
we would be able to work with you to publicise the project. Have a look
at our web-site ( to get a sense of what went on
during last year's Festival.

This year we're working with Bob and Roberta Smith to organise a project
called 'Create Your Own Damn Festival!', which aims to get more people
involved and more public/interactive artworks. I think your project would
fit in well with this overall concept.

Let me know if you want to meet for a coffee to discuss further. Good
luck with the assessment.

All the best


p.s. alice and izs is amazing!!

I like the wallpaper (and pete and chie)
(half a table which we kept being reminded of)

Mizza and Flo

Looking at our stuff
Yellow t-shirt
The cat had really sharp claws

We didn't make much money. But I spent lots of my money. Oh dear.

I also saw the photo eliza posted but a bit earlier on and felt inspired.....

Me and hayley and clo for a bit attempted at making our snow den/nest (or igloo) then we had a 'break' but never went shall be finished tomorrow if no school :)
zine fair photos in a min...


(this is made out of old plastic milk bottle containers...)


Pitch re-scheduled for Thursday apparently....

love iz and alice's snow bear

a more focused post.

If we are in college tomorrow me and alice are going to go and help Jordan carry the boxes, i'm not driving though, it would probably be the biggest mistake of my life.

I agree that we can easily build the den in a couple of hours. it will probably be a good to have a quick first practise to see how much we can get done.

We're going to try and decorate some sheets tonight.

love love

hope everyone has had a good snow day.



me and alice made a snow bear.......


firstly i have been spending my day productively, i found a website dedicated to shit cakes. here are some of the best examples:

right o. i'll bring what i can, even when flatpacked they're not easy to carry. i'll give Iz a text.

i like your little drawing by the way. tomorrow should be fun.



i just put a post up underneath jordan's post.
Also jordan: i think you should definitely bring in as much stuff as you can. can the boxes not be flattened down for easier transportation. defo text elizabeth about the car thing. definitely definitely try to bring your stuff in.

box ox x xo xod

i've still got a bunch of boxes from when i moved house. i have about 6 or 7... 3 big ones and 3 or 4 medium/little ones. the big ones are about 50-60cm high and wide. little ones are all different sizes. i can bring them in but will need some help... i've also still got stuff packed away in other fairly large boxes, i could empty them... if i did that i would have maybe 10 boxes but would definitely need a lot of help gettin them in.

i also have a roll of canvas and a roll of that yellow book cloth we can use. and a roll of some a2 sheets of paper.

someone please get back to me on whether i should bring them in or if anyone can help. if iz could pick it all up with the her car that would ideal, but no worries if not, i'll still need some help though.

and i agree with jade, 3 hours is plenty of time... i reckon it would take 1 hour max to build a good enough den, 1 hour decorating it, 1 hour preparing and rehearsing the pitch. we don't have to say a great deal... it's all pretty self explanatory.


also, something for the snow:

"Lucy and Jorge Orta’s Antarctic Village-No Borders opens November 24th at Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, Italy. Antarctic Village-No Borders was originally installed in Antarctica in March 2007 as part of the 2007 Biennial at the End of the World. The 50 dome-shaped dwellings, reminiscent of no madic shelters or refugee camps, comprise Lucy and Jorge Orta’s idea of the “global village." Taken from here. For more pictures a detailed information go here, which also features such treats as affordable housing for the homeless:

Oskar Leo Kaufmann, Carton House, 2002

Studio Elmo Vermijs, Peopleskitchen.

More info here. - All of these are taken from which has some very ace things.


i agree with den building tomorrow. i think we should do something with sheets like this:

drawing on the sheets (this could also be done on cardboard) with brushes and ink or those fabric pens they have in the shop, or just felt tips ( I still have loads left over from the childrens workshop). we could draw people building a den on the inside of our den. it would be simple but could look really nice. Fastening the sheets with pins, nails, pegs and the sewing machine. We could still do some bits in cardboard and with books though. Is everyone ok to get there at 9 tomorrow?

i think we'd definitely be able to make something in three hours. if it turns out rubbish,then it's rubbish. it's all experience and experiments. i say,don't fret and enjoy the snow or as i'm doing a warm blanket.


what are we going to do!!!!! our presentation is at 12:30 tomorrow, so we could man up and all go in at 9 and make it in 3 and a half hours?? I'm up for that. If we all decorated some stuff ready to build with tomorrow I think we could do it. I'm going to paint on sheets.

I'm going to read what Peter has put in that pitch guidelines thing. If possible we should sort the pitch out on here today. Also put up images that we think we should have on slides??


Sunday, 1 February 2009

belly ache.

& it's snowing.
NOT DIGGING IT AT ALL, coz we have to frigging carry shiz to uni on the moro, sorry skid all the way to uni i may add.
ugh, i'll scope out what stuff ive got in my gaff kids.
love you all x


decorations or patterns or things we draw could be related from natural ''dens''.

for exmaps, hexagons for bee hive.

may have screen printing,so...

good luck for tomorrow, builders.

by joan backes

obviously, we won't be able to make this for tomorrow. it's just a bit of food for thought.

for jordan

i like this house. can we put patterns on our den?


realistically,this is more likely what we'll end up with.


we just need loads of boxes,washing line and sheet.


for tomorrow, i think *vintage*,*retro* and simple. it's a shame we can't see the top the structure to see how it's all made up.

hella yes.

That is exactly what i was thinking for the structure

- main structure made from different types of fabric and cardboard. Its all about the scraps.
I've got quite a bit of fabric etc.
I'll do some gathering now...

Also maybe paper cutouts for the walls inside and the paper chains we made yesterday?

See yous tomorrow if we're not all snowed in and schools cancelled. ha


Den business

I'm thinkin we make up the biggest structures in the den with sheets secured from wall to wall with nails/pins, held up with poles in places circus tent style.

Also, drawing/painting on the sheets. Drawing people on the sheets holding it up and building it, Flo says?

As an addition to the materials list, does anyone have any copydex? it might be useful to stick material to material.


Here is a list of materials I think would be useful. Everyone should bring whatever they can.

Cardboard - big boxes, backs of sketchbooks, cereal boxes - any kind of cardboard.

Big bits of paper

Old clothing to fix together to make sheets - jumpers, t shirts etc.

Wallpaper paste

Books to use as bricks to build walls- any kind of books.

Newspaper for papier mache

Linen/Tea towels/sheets/old curtains/rugs/blankets/table cloths - im going to bring my sewing machine so we can fix different fabrics together to make one huge sheet.

Pairs of tights


Masking tape




Washing line/string


Foliage- tree branches/sticks etc.

Sticks, canes.

We can also go down to the three d workshops and raid the scrap bins.

Everyone should also bring drawing materials for documentation purposes.