Monday, 2 February 2009

tomorrow? plus kelly plus me and miriam bought some sticks, pegs and washing line

I think if college is open tomorrow we should all still endeavour to go in for 10 and meet in the book room + attempt to build something. Theres no point in postponing it really. Having more time to do it can only be a good thing. Please tell me if i'm being a supernerd by still wanting to do it.

Pictures of amazing snowmen built by kids on camberwell green including a cat snowman, a sad snowman, a snowman with a massive head and a tiny one armed snowman with a newspaper hat coming soon.

Also here's an email kelly sent me in response to me saying "can you help us find a space for our project":


Thanks for the photos and update: I've also been down to the Estate to see
the work. Looks good. I'll drop by on the 16th and hope it doesn't snow

I can certainly try to help you find space in Camberwell for you. Is
there any way you would be interested in running the project as part of
this year's Camberwell Arts Festival. This year's dates are 20-28th June,
which is a bit later than you propose but if you can fit in with these
dates (or even if you could keep your project running until these dates)
we would be able to work with you to publicise the project. Have a look
at our web-site ( to get a sense of what went on
during last year's Festival.

This year we're working with Bob and Roberta Smith to organise a project
called 'Create Your Own Damn Festival!', which aims to get more people
involved and more public/interactive artworks. I think your project would
fit in well with this overall concept.

Let me know if you want to meet for a coffee to discuss further. Good
luck with the assessment.

All the best


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