Thursday, 5 February 2009


to be a jungle clubber i am.
thanks alot for putting the picture/pitch together flo, you did a brilliant job.
tar to em & jordy for making foldy-outy-amazingness. skillz blood.
I really really want to take on board what peter said about welding & all that bizz, imagine that on our cv's "yeah and we're rad at sticking mental together to" eat that employers!
we should look into the place he mentioned.
i'm thinking once we've handed are stuff in on tuesday, we should scedule a jungle club meeting to discuss & evaluate our pitch etc, if everyones down?
also PETER WILLIS, can you help me with the zine making stuff please, my old zine's were horrendous, so i need the king, that is you to help me. (pretty please) i'm thinking a zine making workshop like last time?-even though i didnt get involved in the making, i just sat & moaned. 
anyways, good work guy's
we all win at life.
p.s the picture above is incrediable. i want to do something with block colour for our den making, yes i do!

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