Sunday, 1 February 2009

Here is a list of materials I think would be useful. Everyone should bring whatever they can.

Cardboard - big boxes, backs of sketchbooks, cereal boxes - any kind of cardboard.

Big bits of paper

Old clothing to fix together to make sheets - jumpers, t shirts etc.

Wallpaper paste

Books to use as bricks to build walls- any kind of books.

Newspaper for papier mache

Linen/Tea towels/sheets/old curtains/rugs/blankets/table cloths - im going to bring my sewing machine so we can fix different fabrics together to make one huge sheet.

Pairs of tights


Masking tape




Washing line/string


Foliage- tree branches/sticks etc.

Sticks, canes.

We can also go down to the three d workshops and raid the scrap bins.

Everyone should also bring drawing materials for documentation purposes.

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