Monday, 30 March 2009

post for Flo

hi. sorry for the delay -

the jigsaw house is on the first page of Google image search for 'cardboard structures'...

i'm at home a t the moment (not in Lon don) so i will have a look around here as well to see if i can find clay. i remember at school they used to have those big bags of it. i will also check out the things you suggested.

yeah, a combination of the two things could be good. what are you going to make your teepees out of? i haven't really thought too much about the nests yet, but this week i will start properly researching them, and put all the stuff i find on here. maybe you could try also making a few teepees using nest building stuff and i could try and make a few nests using whatever you use to make the teepees with?

i think i might have a small child's teepee in my garage that my sister and me used to sit in when we were small. i don't know if it is still in any kind of usable condition, because we have alot of mice in our garage but i will have a dig around in there and see if i can find it. it used to have awseome stuff painted on it if i remember rightly and could fit a fat five year old in it (me)

also i found this photo of a really cool fort my dad made on the beach when we were on holiday when we were small .. it kind of reminds me of a net you use to make shapes - i remember maybe you or emma talking about stuff that people could fold up into shapes that could be other stuff when they were flat ??

and also this because it is funny

hope you are feeling better

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Post For Eliza

I was reading the post you put up the other day and I looked around on the internet for where to buy cheap clay but it was a fruitless search. I think some leg work is required. It's worth going to cass arts, cowling and wilcox and atlantis, or better still, calling them up to see who sells clay at the cheapest price.

I also think it would be nice to incorperate windbreakers into one of the dens or a few or whatever. I'm going to the sea side in a couple of weeks so i might buy some-i could imagine they'd be quite versatile.

If you want to make nests then we should just combine our ideas together so we have one den thats full of little models/nests etc.

Also, where are the photos of that jigsaw hut thing from?

lots of love xxx

Milk Bottles and Query for Katie

We should collect big plastic milk bottles, ones like this

to use as bricks, like the igloo picture that someone posted a while back. Stick them together with glue. Bish bash bosh. simple and looks rather nice.
Everytime you get milk in your house-get one of those big ones and don't throw it away!!!

Also, Katie, are the diagrams below floor plans? Sorry if I'm being really thick.Is each of the brown cardboard shapes a den, but from a birds eye view sort of thing?


Hi kids, have been working on floor grids for the asthetics of the exhibtion of our dens, if we fitted it to gemoetric grid then would be quite cool, even if only we knew it existed. so if we worked with the 3 emerging main shapes it would be a triangle a square and a hexagon (can be changed to pentagon, decagon, circle, bla bla) then we can fit all into grid nicely. found a grid from book jade got out and have been working with that...

some drawings of structures...

Monday, 23 March 2009

& again.... just some shapes/patterns that caught my eye.

I'm hoping

that the rain will bugger off in time for our opther practice tomorrow, if not will we do one indoors?-i'm totally asking this ON A BLOG, when you's are right next to me-hilarious, but i'm unsure on what i'm supposed to do pitch wise, so i'm procrastinating.

I'm also going to make a mini model, i think like flo, mizzer & emma have done, it'd be nice if we all produced something, i dunno, because it looks nice init.-cardboard time for me i think!!!

love you all guys, can't wait for the external show now. i'll have to get practicing my dance moves.

emma's email

Hi all
So far, we have a teepee type structure and a curved roof and base which need attaching tomorrow to make a little hut. It's all looking good and working really well - using string, canes and general garden trellace. They dont take long at all to construct either, when we have enough materials and space and enough of us, we will be able to get loads up really quickly!
Tomorrow, the plan so far is:
10.30 - meet at rainbow street to look at whats been done so far, finish the curved roof structure.
Then - college (hopefully it will be open) to collect building materials (sheets, cardboard etc in bookroom), scan drawings etc.
Then - Pound stretcher in Peckham to buy more materials
Then - Lyndhurst house to build more things (rainbow street is running low on space in the back!!) AND SORT OUT THE EMAIL TO CRAIG!! For the e-mail to Craig - me and miz were talking and this is what we thought needed to be included:
-photos of the den at school
-photos of practices
-copy of text from the proposal (possibly edit it abit-adding in bits about creating the different spaces around how they will make the 'viewer' feel etc) - jordan can you bring a copy of the proposal on usb/bring your laptop please, thankyou
-technical drawings
-drawings of potential finished structures and how the whole space will look- insides and outsides
-possibly research of the different huts and shelters we've been looking at?? possibly not??
-past group work (rat records, best before, mural, fact and fiction, zine fairs, easter fair-DID ANYONE GET PHOTOS OF THIS??.) we spoke about having individual peoples work and thought that possibly not - argue this if you think we should - we just thought that our normal work isn't neccessarily relevant to a building project and we're sending a lot of visuals already and we don't want to overload it etc. the group work should cover us...?
-blog address
can anyone think of anything we've missed?
Everyone bring all photos drawings ideas etc EVERYTHING so we can look at it all and chose what to send TOMORROW!! theres not a scanner at ours so iff poss, bring actual drawings and scanned copies-if not when we go to school we can scan them all in.
Hope this all makes sense and doesn't sound bossy :)
Let me or miz know if you are coming if you haven't already. See you tomorrow with anything you can think of!!
Love you all xx
ps bring stuff to build with too!! x

Me & Dembo.

Drew these bad boys, theyre observational drawings of the den's we've made. i say we've i totally just sat there & stared. i did get involved & take some photo's-however blogger's being a maniac & doesn't want me to upload them... THE END!

closer up and looking through

imagine if ithis was life size and you could walk/climb through etc

I made this quickly last night

Based on the first structure we made but multiplied and layered etc - we could make a massive one like this!?


jamie, yes i did.

i have a feeling the water coloured ones won't show up-apologies if that's true. i may photograph them later, however they aren't that amazing, so whose really bothered?

mainly triangles

"thick long sturdy poles"

ha ha
emma wrote this in her post

Sunday, 22 March 2009

well done

builders. All the structures look AWESOME.

Emma- i think we should contact all the people we can think of- we don't have anything to lose. I'll email people too.

More building stuff:

Eliza metioned this type of buiding before- geodesic domes. This website shows you how to make them out of cardboard and all of the materials you will need and they made them to live in the desert in.

Also, Jordan posted this picture a while ago but see the structures we can make out of canes, maybe this is how we could add to them with fabric:

also the structure of these ones seems pretty simple- close to a camping tent with two arched poles that cross over in the centre at the top.

I've been looking at yurts- the trellis type criss cross of canes that are al

good work on making the roof, looks ace.

the website emma found that sells bamboo cane looks really good. lots of different lengths and thicknesses. cheap too. i think if we want to make larger structures it would be a good option to invest in some thicker and longer canes - or even timber, but I briefly looked into that and it's more expensive, heavier and possibly more difficult to manipulate.

as well as the teepee style frame we've made, it would be possible to start making frames like this with larger/stronger canes, using knots to tie them together:

note how simple it is to add windows to the frame as well - could be interesting to play around with this.

also the thicker the cane gets the more we can look into creating joins by splitting/cutting the ends - we can still use string to tie them together but it could make heavier cane much sturdier - here are some simple joins used for timber, but i think the same can be applied to bamboo or rounded wood.

Half Lap Joint

Through Tenon Joint

Blind Mortis and Tenon Joint

And here's a diagram of many different joins, most of which are more complicated than we could probably achieve, but it's a very nice diagram with its isometric shapes:


also, not to get too ahead of ourselves but I can't help it. Here's an incredible photo from Venice Beach, Santa Monica. Don't know anything about it other than that, not sure who the architect is but it has a shanty town look about it, albeit a very polished shanty town. Love how all the buildings slot together: