Sunday, 22 March 2009

good work on making the roof, looks ace.

the website emma found that sells bamboo cane looks really good. lots of different lengths and thicknesses. cheap too. i think if we want to make larger structures it would be a good option to invest in some thicker and longer canes - or even timber, but I briefly looked into that and it's more expensive, heavier and possibly more difficult to manipulate.

as well as the teepee style frame we've made, it would be possible to start making frames like this with larger/stronger canes, using knots to tie them together:

note how simple it is to add windows to the frame as well - could be interesting to play around with this.

also the thicker the cane gets the more we can look into creating joins by splitting/cutting the ends - we can still use string to tie them together but it could make heavier cane much sturdier - here are some simple joins used for timber, but i think the same can be applied to bamboo or rounded wood.

Half Lap Joint

Through Tenon Joint

Blind Mortis and Tenon Joint

And here's a diagram of many different joins, most of which are more complicated than we could probably achieve, but it's a very nice diagram with its isometric shapes:


also, not to get too ahead of ourselves but I can't help it. Here's an incredible photo from Venice Beach, Santa Monica. Don't know anything about it other than that, not sure who the architect is but it has a shanty town look about it, albeit a very polished shanty town. Love how all the buildings slot together:

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