Thursday, 26 March 2009

Post For Eliza

I was reading the post you put up the other day and I looked around on the internet for where to buy cheap clay but it was a fruitless search. I think some leg work is required. It's worth going to cass arts, cowling and wilcox and atlantis, or better still, calling them up to see who sells clay at the cheapest price.

I also think it would be nice to incorperate windbreakers into one of the dens or a few or whatever. I'm going to the sea side in a couple of weeks so i might buy some-i could imagine they'd be quite versatile.

If you want to make nests then we should just combine our ideas together so we have one den thats full of little models/nests etc.

Also, where are the photos of that jigsaw hut thing from?

lots of love xxx

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