Thursday, 26 March 2009

Milk Bottles and Query for Katie

We should collect big plastic milk bottles, ones like this

to use as bricks, like the igloo picture that someone posted a while back. Stick them together with glue. Bish bash bosh. simple and looks rather nice.
Everytime you get milk in your house-get one of those big ones and don't throw it away!!!

Also, Katie, are the diagrams below floor plans? Sorry if I'm being really thick.Is each of the brown cardboard shapes a den, but from a birds eye view sort of thing?


kbrookes said...

yep each one would be birds eye view of den. doesnt matter the shape because it would fit into grid. - we dont have to do this just thought it might be nice to tie all together and have a solid structure floor plan if all strucures are going to be completely different. xx

florence said...

oh no- that sounds great- i agree- FLOOR PLAN AHOY