Monday, 23 March 2009

emma's email

Hi all
So far, we have a teepee type structure and a curved roof and base which need attaching tomorrow to make a little hut. It's all looking good and working really well - using string, canes and general garden trellace. They dont take long at all to construct either, when we have enough materials and space and enough of us, we will be able to get loads up really quickly!
Tomorrow, the plan so far is:
10.30 - meet at rainbow street to look at whats been done so far, finish the curved roof structure.
Then - college (hopefully it will be open) to collect building materials (sheets, cardboard etc in bookroom), scan drawings etc.
Then - Pound stretcher in Peckham to buy more materials
Then - Lyndhurst house to build more things (rainbow street is running low on space in the back!!) AND SORT OUT THE EMAIL TO CRAIG!! For the e-mail to Craig - me and miz were talking and this is what we thought needed to be included:
-photos of the den at school
-photos of practices
-copy of text from the proposal (possibly edit it abit-adding in bits about creating the different spaces around how they will make the 'viewer' feel etc) - jordan can you bring a copy of the proposal on usb/bring your laptop please, thankyou
-technical drawings
-drawings of potential finished structures and how the whole space will look- insides and outsides
-possibly research of the different huts and shelters we've been looking at?? possibly not??
-past group work (rat records, best before, mural, fact and fiction, zine fairs, easter fair-DID ANYONE GET PHOTOS OF THIS??.) we spoke about having individual peoples work and thought that possibly not - argue this if you think we should - we just thought that our normal work isn't neccessarily relevant to a building project and we're sending a lot of visuals already and we don't want to overload it etc. the group work should cover us...?
-blog address
can anyone think of anything we've missed?
Everyone bring all photos drawings ideas etc EVERYTHING so we can look at it all and chose what to send TOMORROW!! theres not a scanner at ours so iff poss, bring actual drawings and scanned copies-if not when we go to school we can scan them all in.
Hope this all makes sense and doesn't sound bossy :)
Let me or miz know if you are coming if you haven't already. See you tomorrow with anything you can think of!!
Love you all xx
ps bring stuff to build with too!! x

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