Monday, 30 March 2009

post for Flo

hi. sorry for the delay -

the jigsaw house is on the first page of Google image search for 'cardboard structures'...

i'm at home a t the moment (not in Lon don) so i will have a look around here as well to see if i can find clay. i remember at school they used to have those big bags of it. i will also check out the things you suggested.

yeah, a combination of the two things could be good. what are you going to make your teepees out of? i haven't really thought too much about the nests yet, but this week i will start properly researching them, and put all the stuff i find on here. maybe you could try also making a few teepees using nest building stuff and i could try and make a few nests using whatever you use to make the teepees with?

i think i might have a small child's teepee in my garage that my sister and me used to sit in when we were small. i don't know if it is still in any kind of usable condition, because we have alot of mice in our garage but i will have a dig around in there and see if i can find it. it used to have awseome stuff painted on it if i remember rightly and could fit a fat five year old in it (me)

also i found this photo of a really cool fort my dad made on the beach when we were on holiday when we were small .. it kind of reminds me of a net you use to make shapes - i remember maybe you or emma talking about stuff that people could fold up into shapes that could be other stuff when they were flat ??

and also this because it is funny

hope you are feeling better

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