Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Hello all,

For the next Jungle Meet it's VISUAL TIME.

Bring drawings, clippings, bits of paper, photographs, diagrams, models- anything so long as it's visual and related to an idea or ideas you've got for the murals- materials, techniques, themes, designs, public participation ideas etc.

Less chat, more looking and making pictures.

In other words If you think it would be good to do a mural about cats then bring loads of drawings of cats.

I need to know when everyone is free- especially you Jayd Brigwud- pull up yor sox mrs.

I think the meeting should be Monday or Tuesday the 29th and 30th. Which is better for all yous??

lots of mural love
x from florence x

Saturday, 20 September 2008

crazy changes

Ok- Jordan is going away to scottyland on monday so the Jungle meet is now on ☆SUNDAY THE 21ST☆ from 4pm onwards at Rainbow Street. I hear Jade is moving in to her house on that day, and Katie is still in India- till the 22nd i think- so lets just have a meeting with everyone who can make it on Sunday at 4, and we can have another one when the extra people are free- maybe on the 23rd or 24th. BUT FOR NOW ITS SUNDAY 21ST AT 4 O CLOCK. be there or be a square.


Thursday, 18 September 2008

hello fellow bloggers

i have OFFICIALLY penciled the *MURAL MEETING* in my diary.


i'm taking it there's 2 (maybe 3) things to discuss:  murals and zines (and maybe bic cristals!)

i'm going to try and draw now, bloody hell.


Jade I just looked at that link thing you put down there- Lets design loads of biros! we should enter 1 millions times.
Im loving the enthusiasm for the mural project!!!I feel like the sooner we have the meeting the better so shall we say Monday the 23rd? at Rainbow street, four o clock or whatever i said in the last post.
Me and Jordy have been doing some research and stuff about paints and that for the mural so theres lots to tell.
We can chat about zine tings too- £15 is a knockdown price between 10 which is nice.

Also- my drawings have been shocking so far. I started yesterday and I tried to draw a horse and it came out really lumpy.

love love xxx

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

poo and wee

pete,the stall is good and look at this EVERYONE:


Tuesday, 16 September 2008

we're in the zine fair

just got an email of the Handmade & Bound cats;

"Hi Peter, 

Are you still interested in a stall at the Handmade & Bound fair? If so, we would like to have 'The Jungle Club' there. Stalls are £15 and all the books have to be handmade and affordable. You can also being related handmade prints and badges + t-shirts.

We would like all participants to make flyers and posters for the event, which we can put up on the website as PDF or jpg downloads. We will also be asking people to pay up front to avoid people dropping out / empty stalls on the day with us having to pay for the venue out of our own pockets

Look forward to hear from you.



we're in. i guess we can discuss plans, etc at the Jungle meeting. rad. 

Monday, 15 September 2008

lions and tigers and bears - oh my!

the murals sounds ace - very exciting start to the new term. i am free any time for a meeting with a little advanced notice. . . .

i'm glad i'm not the only one who STILL hasn't done any proper work.

the race is on



i am excited to be a lion
whatever days best for everyone else is good for us! just let us know...we havent got the internet at our house yet though..
jadebob- i havent started any drawings yet.. im still reading the book..oh dear
and yes any drawings i have tried to do that arent homework are all poo. yay

Sunday, 14 September 2008

go wid da flo(rence)

god,i am shit at this,ent i?

YYYYYYEEEEAH.fankz,flo.i want to do murals and i promise to keep track of this blog. i forget we have this, you know.

i move into my house on the 21st. so,on this day or any time after is good with me.

-also,jdog... poetry briefs.yes please.
-also,60 drawings,finished about 4? what's everyone else done?

absolutely dreading getting all this work sorted.

p.s i am shit at drawing still

Friday, 12 September 2008


Camberwell Arts have asked me to assemble a team of brave young lions to do four murals around Camberwell Green. Three of them will be in a playground and the other will be on a long stretch of black board type things on Camberwell New Road.

meeting at my house
21 Rainbow Street SE5 7TB
23rd or September?
24th September?
when would be the best day for everyone


Saturday, 6 September 2008


hey guys, sorry have been shite on the whole replying to this front but im in india so has been a bit difficult finding an internet place which isnt crammed with people and has no air conditioning but i made a special effort today because I WENT TRECKING AROUND A JUNGLE THIS MORNING!! we saw a family of elephants 100m in front of us, bison and monkeys and frogs and lizards and millions of birds and weird scary bugs and LEECHES!! got up at 5am trecked so have lots to share about jungle time when get back!!

i am up for anything and everything thats been suggested on here and i dont know how to bloody draw anymore either, its embarassing! at least we're all in the same boat!! anyway hope everyone has a house and is having awesome summer! love to all and meet up when we're all back in london, im back 22nd! xxxx

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


j-bird, would you be able to email me the poetry jazz as well? cheers ears. (j-bird- did i send you that text about the drums???)

hope everyone is gravy and enjoying a panic stricken end to the summer holidays xxxxx