Saturday, 6 September 2008


hey guys, sorry have been shite on the whole replying to this front but im in india so has been a bit difficult finding an internet place which isnt crammed with people and has no air conditioning but i made a special effort today because I WENT TRECKING AROUND A JUNGLE THIS MORNING!! we saw a family of elephants 100m in front of us, bison and monkeys and frogs and lizards and millions of birds and weird scary bugs and LEECHES!! got up at 5am trecked so have lots to share about jungle time when get back!!

i am up for anything and everything thats been suggested on here and i dont know how to bloody draw anymore either, its embarassing! at least we're all in the same boat!! anyway hope everyone has a house and is having awesome summer! love to all and meet up when we're all back in london, im back 22nd! xxxx

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