Thursday, 29 January 2009

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Done it!!


For our external project we aim to build a den to create and exhibit work in. We are currently researching two venues in which to house our project, The Bunhouse and Area 10 in Peckham. Exhibited work will be based upon the construction process and the nature of nest building.
We want to explore the idea of ownership. We also want to realise an imagined space and filter the real world through it’s walls.

In The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard describes memories as being tied to specific places, rather than times. This is an idea we would like to pursue in this project.


We will refine the concept, materials and techniques that we will use for the final exhibition through practical experimentation. This will take the form of four workshops, each followed by a publication documenting their outcomes. The first will be an exercise in building using found materials sourced from skips and building sites etc.

The format of the following workshops will be decided on after an evaluation of the first.

Throughout this project we will be continuously documenting our working practice in order to chart development, facilitate evaluation and to generate source material for further work.


As young people, no space is our own. We live in rented accommodation and work in college studios. By building our own space we can create work which is only limited by self set boundaries, outside the confines and without the connotations of a traditional gallery space.

In the same way that children tailor the structure of a den to specific imagined parameters, we will tailor our den to our purposes.

We wish to build upon established group practice through collective problem solving to refine our idea.

florence chloe and miriam

possible covers

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Fellow jungle clubbers & tornado bitches (jade) i'm for defo not able to part take in our proposal (nor can mizzer) as we're doing this whole Sorrel thing for Somerset house. it's a shame because i had this massive performance piece planned, you know a contemporary expressive dance, which i thought i could communicate our methodologies through dance-nah i'm messing. but yes, i'm just saying sorry that i can't attend & sorry that i won't be able to see the bunhouse space with you lovelies either. i am rubbish i know.
look at these guy's absolutely reppin' liverpool & den making all over the shop (ok not all over,the tate to be exact) look at the little guy in the dungerees holding onto the bar. AMAZING! they've used bamboo sticks, hopefully we can find/rob some of them???
who knows.
love love loveclo.

Alicia key's

"no one" is a rad tune to blog to, that's all i'm saying.
yey to florry uploading jamie's paper den plans. paper is the way forward i think, maybe test it out to see how we can contstruct it without getting paper cut's etc. & agreed to making little books,stapled paper together things, with each of our own designs in them.
i've been ffffounding it again & heres some things i think are nice.
i've been looking into making things out of found cardboard,as well i like it's consistancy. i'm amazing at explaining myself, dear god. Frank bruno recording is amazing, i lov miriam's belly man laugh! 
p.s dead soz about being late for the meeting, my sleeping pattern's for shit=not cool.
pp.s i'm having a bit of a jade moment & i'm now listening to ne-yo & chris brown. might aswell.

Procedure for proposing exhibitions and visual arts projects at Area 10

Artists and curators are invited to make proposals to A10PS. The general procedure is to first view the space and then submit a written proposal about the work you would like to carry out. You will need to include the following information for us to identify what your requirements may be:
•    Spatial requirements - Which space would you like to use (presuming you have been to A10PS) to develop and/or present your project? Please estimate the size of works included for an overview of your spatial needs.
•    What kind of materials would you be likely to use? What are your technical requirements?
•    Exhibiting opportunity - Do you want your project to be part of an Area 10 Project Space exhibition or event or present it individually? How many artists are involved? Is the project being developed or commissioned for somewhere else?
•    Do you require a place to store materials, equipment, other?
•    Do you have documentation of your work?
•    Time requirements - how long would your project take to develop if it is not a collaboration for an Area 10 event? Would you need access to the space every day, evenings or/and weekends?

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

chloe's jamie's den action pack

text reads TOP VIEW, FRAME. arrow says entrance.

text reads: rolls of paper, 24 pieces of cane, 4m in length.

roll paper over frame. wrap it up warm as you would yourself.

once paper is covering frame, get a knife and make an entrance,place a lightbulb in the middle perhaps.

i think this little set of plans is really nice- i like the paper dens, we should try some out. It would be nice if we all made some little packs with initial sketches for plans etc. etc.




The venue we are hiring is free of charge- the only requirement is to enhance the numbers of the people going through the venue... (DEPENDS ON VENUE)

The nature of this project means that a vast majority of the materials we are using are sourced for free, however, there will be some inevitable material costs such as nails, glue etc although we cannot predict the exact items we will need.
We will also need to hire certain pieces of equipment such as projectors for the event and power tools for the construction. Most of this will be can be sourced from personal contacts but some of the budget will be set aside for this.
Materials: £200
Equipment hire: £50

Travel costs will be minimal as it will only be required to cover the costs of petrol to collect and transport materials.
Petrol: £40

To cover the printing costs of producing flyers and posters which will be produced using the letterpress, screen printing and etching facilities in college as well as hand drawn. The costs will be the print cards to pay for screens and plates, paper and the cost of any subsequent photocopying.

We will also be utilising free web advertising available through social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.


We will be producing the publication using the same print facilities in college as the flyers and posters. So the same costs of print cards, paper and photocopying can be applied. Additional costs will include the production of image stamps for letterpress, which will cost approximately £6-10 per image.



-In the past we have used zine fairs as a source of fund raising. We are partaking in The Alternative Press Fair in Euston on the 1st of February and the Brighton Zine Fair on the 22nd of February.
Given the past profits we have made from similar events, it is likely that we will raise the majority of our funds from the sales at these fairs.
- We are also intending to use boot fairs as another source of fundraising. The one held in Selhurst Park Stadium being a likely candidate.


aims content methodology


Build a structure/den.

To exist in/as a studio space/a working environment/to exhibit work in.

Working on four different venues Bunhouse, Shoreditch Town Hall, Abandoned Shopspace, Area 10.

Exhibited work will be based on the built structure and the nature of nest building/den building. eg. making puppet people who are potential inhabitants of the space. shadow work based on the silouhuette (wrong spelling) of the structure.

Want to create the feeling/experience of ownership of a space, the creation of an imagined space. Real world filtered through the imagination, example of nursery rhymes. A crossection of our minds. Escaped reality, removed from reality. Poetics of space- memories existing in space and not time/not age. A store for secrets. Bill Viola quote, work not on walls but in minds/hearts. Aim to awaken images.


Experimentation/practices refine the concept/materials/execution in a practical way.

4 practice runs with different materials/techniques each time. First will be using found materials-nest style. Microwaves as shelves, books as bricks, sourced from skips,building sites.

Practices which follow will be decided on after evaluating the first.

Evaluation will be in the form of publications.

Continuous documentation- show development, ease of evaluation, as source material for work.

(why is it a good idea)

As students/young persons, no space is our own (rented accomodation/college).

Creating work wothout the confines/connotations of a traditional gallery space-setting our own standards/boundaries-a tailor made space.

Children's den/animal nests are tailor made for a purpose.

Development of group practice-process art, problem solving at every stage, refining an idea through group practice.

extremely rough
but all the ideas are grouped together in one place at least
we will run this by everyone on wednesday
and once it's been ok'd we will write it up in prose
if we've missed anything out put it in a comment on this post
by elizabeth chloe miriam and florence

my ex boyfriend is in the background of the sixth picture down on chloe's last post

I've just been thinking in the bath. When were building our den in the book room on Monday we should take turns drawing the building thats going on. shifts of twenty minutes or half an hour each, so that the process is being constantly documented. The drawings could be on uniform A4 paper, and as we complete each one we could put them up on the walls- sort of tiled all over the walls. I also think we should film it- set up a video camera and leave it running.

whilst i remember whatever happened to all the footage of best before?

anyway I'm really looking forward to making this den- on wednesday we need to talk about what the builders need to bring in order for it to go smoothly/be super interesting and look good. In terms of slides to be used in the pitch, I think it's important that we include images of our own work aswell- sketches, diagrams, ideas, mural work etc. I think if we show our own work the whole idea will be much more convincing.

also over the weekend, everyone should check the blog regularly. we need to be super organised and all be on the same page for next week.

lots of love

Monday, 26 January 2009

bruno club

something magical happens at 4 minutes 20 seconds.
i will get new batteries and then put it up proper

here it is proper with lennox lewis to guide you (26/01/09)

the AAAAMAAAZING site Ben showed me is here

In addition- the recording for the meeting on 28/01/09 fucked up a bit so here are notes on everything that was said:

1. Alice's Budget is fine. She needs to add on a provisional amount for private view expenses - £100 or so. Also advertising expense of around £80. Maybe also an advert in a newspaper- how much is that?
2. The combined proposal/handout will be in the shape of a house with Peters den drawings on the outside rather than doors or windows. In order to fit all the relevant information onto the net, the size will correspond to how much paper space we need inside.
3. We need to make 4 handouts. One for Iz's tutor, one for Peter Nencini, one for Luke Best, and one to give to area 10 or the bunhouse men. If they don't need/ want one then we can keep the last one.
4. Eliza has arranged a meeting at the bunhouse at 5:30pm on thursday. We'll go to the lecture, then go together to the bunhouse.
5. Everyone should put their CVs into Jade's template that she emailed out, except the chronological order needs to be most recent first. Then forward it to Jordan.
6. Katie needs to put her list of individual roles up on the blog, then people can make suggestions for changes if they want to.
7. Jordan is masterminding a streamlined money making plan for future zine fairs - including postcard websites, canvas bags etc. etc.
7. We can use my Woolworths price gun to price our zines! Topical - Club Topicana.
8. I will post this as we decided.

'Space for Your Future' by Assume Vivid Astro Focus

Here is good.

is also good.

& again.

some other pointless pictures, but at least i've contributed a little. hope you guys like em.
BOOM. jeeeeeeezzz i've just realised some of these are off centered, not cool.
love you all. xo

shadow work

This is some of my work for a project I did last year where we had to change a space and stage an intervention within it. I think that the use of shadows can help to change the atmosphere of a space and it is an idea I would potentially like to explore in this project.


SHARMANKA (Russian for hurdy-gurdy) was founded by sculptor-mechanic Eduard Bersudsky and theatre director Tatyana Jakovskaya in St.Petersburg (Russia) in 1989:

shadow automata

The Shadow Automata of Emmanuel Cottier:

totally ON this blog


I really like Miriam's ideas of puppetry and shadows, which was something I wanted to expand on and thought that it could be an interesting way of incorporating movement into the space.

This is a video of some artists who use shadows in their work, I really like the moving bit at the beginning. There is also the work of Tim Noble and Sue Webster, who use piles of rubbish collected from London streets, to create sculptures, yet when a light is projected against the pile, the shadow on the wall creates an entirely different image.

more to come I don't seem to be able to get alot of information in each post without it going weird..............

me oh my!

i'm finally getting on the mother.kiss my face.
well heres some stuff i've found & thought were really nice. Some may not have any real relevance anymore, however theyre boss to look at. With me being computer illiterate i'm just posting pictures & not really explaining then underneath as i don't know how to do that. but i'll explain in person.

My dens

When i built dens, they were out of that red kind of scaffolding with black joining bits and coloured pannels with sheets and stuff over the top, like a geometric castle. I cant find it on the internet or have a picture of it but found these of Anne Harild.



"Area 10 has consistently attracted practitioners from a vast variety of art forms. The dimensions and special character of the varied spaces have inspired imaginative and intriguing ways of curating visual art exhibitions. Area 10 has enabled artists to display ambitious works of extremely large dimensions as well as small, intimate pieces in any medium, featured as elements of collective exhibitions or as individual projects. In order to maintain the integrity of the site’s character, Area 10 generally eschews gallery display conventions for static art pieces such as title and name tags or plinths. "


Exhibition proposals Procedure for proposing exhibitions and visual arts projects Artists and curators are invited to make proposals to A10PS. The general procedure is to first view the space and then submit a written proposal about the work you would like to carry out.

You will need to include the following information for us to identify what your requirements may be:
Spatial requirements - Which space would you like to use (presuming you have been to A10PS) to develop and/or present your project? Please estimate the size of works included for an overview of your spatial needs.
What kind of materials would you be likely to use? What are your technical requirements?
Exhibiting opportunity - Do you want your project to be part of an Area 10 Project Space exhibition or event or present it individually? How many artists are involved? Is the project being developed or commissioned for somewhere else?
Do you require a place to store materials, equipment, other?
Do you have documentation of your work?
Time requirements - how long would your project take to develop if it is not a collaboration for an Area 10 event? Would you need access to the space every day, evenings or/and weekends?



that cheese does not look like cheese (21/01/09)

this is shit quality. the tape is better.

main points include:

1. Elizabeth and Chloe need to get on the blog.
2. Alice- "As reality starts to (can't hear it detract/obstruct?) the mind, people still need the sanctity of somewhere to escape and express themselves"
3. Eliza researching Area 10
4. Florence emailing Naomi, Kelly and Ben about shop spaces/ warehouse spaces.
5. final event potentially happening in the week, the 11th-17th of May, the fourth week of the summer term.
6. Emma researching Shoreditch Town Hall.
7. Renting a studio- a possible venue. Florence researching it.
8. We should have a venue which is at least "looking positive" by the time we pitch the idea- February 3rd.
9. First experiment will be materials based.
10. Rather than discuss themes and concepts we should get on with doing something practical and evaluate what we learn during that process.
11. We are going to source materials from skips, building sites etc.
12. "go out collect a load of stuff from skips and build a little house out of it"
13. Could experiment with both indoor and outdoor construction. This depends on the nature of the resources we collect.
14. First experiment is an excercise in building purely with found materials. "by doing it we'll get an idea for how easy it is or how available stuff is/what kind of stuff you can find/how meaningful the result is." if it flops we can explore other options in further experiments.
15. Film sets are made entirely from polystyrene.
16. We should bring things ourselves: cardboard, glue, old stuff, wood.
17. We need to define the experiment. "it needs to be a case of us, setting out to find out something specific." what is that specific thing.
18. Does buying things like PVA or wallpaper paste weaken the strong concept of building using found materials only? do we have a choice? you can find newspaper you can find cardboard, you can't really find wallpaper paste.
19. Everyone bring binding materials: nails, glue, staples, string, needle and thread, wallpaper paste, masking tape, gaffa tape, tights, knitting, ring binders, zips, belts, buckles. "even if you only have a slight notion as to how it would fix something together or help to build something then still bring it. it's the whole point of the experiment."
20. Everyone look out for skips or piles of rubbish, houses that are being gutted and note down their whereabouts.
21. We should look at Freecycle and Gum tree, also that free paint exchange.
22. We should use any materials that we can get our hands on: drum kits, sofas, broken bikes. Free is the name of the game.
23. During the experiment we will drive around in Elizabeth's car and also travel on foot or by bike.
24. The experiment doesn't need to be before the pitch. We always try and cram too much stuff in. It would be nice to do it properly and give it some consideration.

more to come...


Sunday, 25 January 2009


right, just heard from my sister not regarding Area 10 because i got it wrong BUT if we want it we have a space in a place called the Bun House in Peckham. it is run by her house mate Craig and his friend Fran and it is the room at the back of the pub by the Peckham Library.

apparently it is quite small, but they are getting some really interesting people exhibiting there. they just had a retrospective of Mark McGowen and they also have interest from the Tate etc so it is a pretty exciting growing porject. i think Camberwell are also talking to them about stuff (they are Camberwell Graduates) so it could be a good link...

there is no cost to exhibit there, they just want to get people into the pub because that's how they pay their might be a little small for what we want to do as the final thing but it could be well worth considering.

more t o m o r o w



i have been chasing up possible venues places and my friend suggested THE TOILET FACTORY as a possible place??

i don't know if any of you have heard about it but it is an abandoned Factory in Elephant and Castle wich i think is now a squat or a castle for very cool kids (if we are staying in the theme of this project) i think Ratty Rat Rat might be involved somewhere along the line if anyone knows them?

i haven't messaged them yet or anything but i thought i would give you a heads up:::

i'm not even sure if it still exists or how you contact them, but if we are interested i will try and find out...

Saturday, 24 January 2009


i have a new blog. my previous one i wasn't even allowing me to post, so i don't know what's gone on there. the new address is please delete all links and traces of the former blog.


blogs reverse the order

blogs reverse the order you post things, so in an ideal world this post would be ideally be under the cardboard horse. but never mind, this is what the horse's insides looked like. woops.blogspot is being a bastard and won't let me upload any images. i'll try again tomorrow. brace yaselves. wooooooo


These are from Free Range 2008 by Nottingham Trent University students. Not sure what discipline they are studying, but that's irrelevant really. I think, i'm not sure, the exterior of this horse sculpture is made purely from cardboard. Good, init? See the ladder, there is hole there and that's where you put your head into to see the inside. Photographs of the inside to follow.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Shoreditch basement info

Reply to the email I sent them regarding hiring Shoreditch town halls basement...

Dear Emma,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding an exhibition at Shoreditch Town Hall.

Our basement is £150.00 per day, with an additional staffing cost of £35.00 pr hour after 18.00 in the week and at all times on the weekend. We can be fairly flexible in terms of what art works are housed in the basement, but we will need full details prior to booking the space.

Please find attached a booking form, which on return will allow me to hold your ideal date’s and send you a quote.

Please do let me now if you would like to arrange a time to come and view the basement, or if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With kind regards,


Emily Wells
Sales & Marketing Manager
Shoreditch Town Hall Trust
Shoreditch Town Hall
380 Old Street
London EC1V 9LT

Tel: 020 7739 6176
Fax: 020 7729 8909

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Venue time

This is one of the many rooms in Shoreditch town halls basement (I don't know how many of us have seen it?) Pete..your photos just miss out but I think Danielles are there!

There are defo better parts to it...Corridors, different levels, no floors so you can see all the pipes etc

I've just sent an email asking for prices, information and a possible student discount! yeeeeah

Think our 'den' or structure thing would go well because its not like a white walled gallery etc but yeah we'll see what they say!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009