Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Fellow jungle clubbers & tornado bitches (jade) i'm for defo not able to part take in our proposal (nor can mizzer) as we're doing this whole Sorrel thing for Somerset house. it's a shame because i had this massive performance piece planned, you know a contemporary expressive dance, which i thought i could communicate our methodologies through dance-nah i'm messing. but yes, i'm just saying sorry that i can't attend & sorry that i won't be able to see the bunhouse space with you lovelies either. i am rubbish i know.
look at these guy's absolutely reppin' liverpool & den making all over the shop (ok not all over,the tate to be exact) look at the little guy in the dungerees holding onto the bar. AMAZING! they've used bamboo sticks, hopefully we can find/rob some of them???
who knows.
love love loveclo.

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