Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Procedure for proposing exhibitions and visual arts projects at Area 10

Artists and curators are invited to make proposals to A10PS. The general procedure is to first view the space and then submit a written proposal about the work you would like to carry out. You will need to include the following information for us to identify what your requirements may be:
•    Spatial requirements - Which space would you like to use (presuming you have been to A10PS) to develop and/or present your project? Please estimate the size of works included for an overview of your spatial needs.
•    What kind of materials would you be likely to use? What are your technical requirements?
•    Exhibiting opportunity - Do you want your project to be part of an Area 10 Project Space exhibition or event or present it individually? How many artists are involved? Is the project being developed or commissioned for somewhere else?
•    Do you require a place to store materials, equipment, other?
•    Do you have documentation of your work?
•    Time requirements - how long would your project take to develop if it is not a collaboration for an Area 10 event? Would you need access to the space every day, evenings or/and weekends?

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