Tuesday, 27 January 2009




The venue we are hiring is free of charge- the only requirement is to enhance the numbers of the people going through the venue... (DEPENDS ON VENUE)

The nature of this project means that a vast majority of the materials we are using are sourced for free, however, there will be some inevitable material costs such as nails, glue etc although we cannot predict the exact items we will need.
We will also need to hire certain pieces of equipment such as projectors for the event and power tools for the construction. Most of this will be can be sourced from personal contacts but some of the budget will be set aside for this.
Materials: £200
Equipment hire: £50

Travel costs will be minimal as it will only be required to cover the costs of petrol to collect and transport materials.
Petrol: £40

To cover the printing costs of producing flyers and posters which will be produced using the letterpress, screen printing and etching facilities in college as well as hand drawn. The costs will be the print cards to pay for screens and plates, paper and the cost of any subsequent photocopying.

We will also be utilising free web advertising available through social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace.


We will be producing the publication using the same print facilities in college as the flyers and posters. So the same costs of print cards, paper and photocopying can be applied. Additional costs will include the production of image stamps for letterpress, which will cost approximately £6-10 per image.



-In the past we have used zine fairs as a source of fund raising. We are partaking in The Alternative Press Fair in Euston on the 1st of February and the Brighton Zine Fair on the 22nd of February.
Given the past profits we have made from similar events, it is likely that we will raise the majority of our funds from the sales at these fairs.
- We are also intending to use boot fairs as another source of fundraising. The one held in Selhurst Park Stadium being a likely candidate.


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