Monday, 26 January 2009

bruno club

something magical happens at 4 minutes 20 seconds.
i will get new batteries and then put it up proper

here it is proper with lennox lewis to guide you (26/01/09)

the AAAAMAAAZING site Ben showed me is here

In addition- the recording for the meeting on 28/01/09 fucked up a bit so here are notes on everything that was said:

1. Alice's Budget is fine. She needs to add on a provisional amount for private view expenses - £100 or so. Also advertising expense of around £80. Maybe also an advert in a newspaper- how much is that?
2. The combined proposal/handout will be in the shape of a house with Peters den drawings on the outside rather than doors or windows. In order to fit all the relevant information onto the net, the size will correspond to how much paper space we need inside.
3. We need to make 4 handouts. One for Iz's tutor, one for Peter Nencini, one for Luke Best, and one to give to area 10 or the bunhouse men. If they don't need/ want one then we can keep the last one.
4. Eliza has arranged a meeting at the bunhouse at 5:30pm on thursday. We'll go to the lecture, then go together to the bunhouse.
5. Everyone should put their CVs into Jade's template that she emailed out, except the chronological order needs to be most recent first. Then forward it to Jordan.
6. Katie needs to put her list of individual roles up on the blog, then people can make suggestions for changes if they want to.
7. Jordan is masterminding a streamlined money making plan for future zine fairs - including postcard websites, canvas bags etc. etc.
7. We can use my Woolworths price gun to price our zines! Topical - Club Topicana.
8. I will post this as we decided.

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