Sunday, 25 January 2009


right, just heard from my sister not regarding Area 10 because i got it wrong BUT if we want it we have a space in a place called the Bun House in Peckham. it is run by her house mate Craig and his friend Fran and it is the room at the back of the pub by the Peckham Library.

apparently it is quite small, but they are getting some really interesting people exhibiting there. they just had a retrospective of Mark McGowen and they also have interest from the Tate etc so it is a pretty exciting growing porject. i think Camberwell are also talking to them about stuff (they are Camberwell Graduates) so it could be a good link...

there is no cost to exhibit there, they just want to get people into the pub because that's how they pay their might be a little small for what we want to do as the final thing but it could be well worth considering.

more t o m o r o w

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