Tuesday, 27 January 2009

my ex boyfriend is in the background of the sixth picture down on chloe's last post

I've just been thinking in the bath. When were building our den in the book room on Monday we should take turns drawing the building thats going on. shifts of twenty minutes or half an hour each, so that the process is being constantly documented. The drawings could be on uniform A4 paper, and as we complete each one we could put them up on the walls- sort of tiled all over the walls. I also think we should film it- set up a video camera and leave it running.

whilst i remember whatever happened to all the footage of best before?

anyway I'm really looking forward to making this den- on wednesday we need to talk about what the builders need to bring in order for it to go smoothly/be super interesting and look good. In terms of slides to be used in the pitch, I think it's important that we include images of our own work aswell- sketches, diagrams, ideas, mural work etc. I think if we show our own work the whole idea will be much more convincing.

also over the weekend, everyone should check the blog regularly. we need to be super organised and all be on the same page for next week.

lots of love

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