Thursday, 15 January 2009

love what everyones put up since the meeting!

this has got a few different things that we could think about in terms of basic structures which we could then build up from...

6. toobeez
10. boxes (obvious but good)
12. eames house of cards - could try this on a large scale..slotting pieces of board together..creates different cubby holes, things to crawl under/step over etc
(37. is also similar - slotting and cutting different shapes/holes etc)
13. chaos tower - idea of interaction between public/visitors and the thing we make...


"Australian architecture firm Stutchbury and Pape has developed a cardboard house which is weatherproof, collapsible, and very cheap. Assuming they use recycled cardboard, it is also somewhat sustainable, being very light, very recyclable, and resource-light.
The building can be assembled by two people over a six-hour period using appropriate scaffolding, and is transportable in a light commercial vehicle."

weather and time wise this is goooood!

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