Tuesday, 27 January 2009

aims content methodology


Build a structure/den.

To exist in/as a studio space/a working environment/to exhibit work in.

Working on four different venues Bunhouse, Shoreditch Town Hall, Abandoned Shopspace, Area 10.

Exhibited work will be based on the built structure and the nature of nest building/den building. eg. making puppet people who are potential inhabitants of the space. shadow work based on the silouhuette (wrong spelling) of the structure.

Want to create the feeling/experience of ownership of a space, the creation of an imagined space. Real world filtered through the imagination, example of nursery rhymes. A crossection of our minds. Escaped reality, removed from reality. Poetics of space- memories existing in space and not time/not age. A store for secrets. Bill Viola quote, work not on walls but in minds/hearts. Aim to awaken images.


Experimentation/practices refine the concept/materials/execution in a practical way.

4 practice runs with different materials/techniques each time. First will be using found materials-nest style. Microwaves as shelves, books as bricks, sourced from skips,building sites.

Practices which follow will be decided on after evaluating the first.

Evaluation will be in the form of publications.

Continuous documentation- show development, ease of evaluation, as source material for work.

(why is it a good idea)

As students/young persons, no space is our own (rented accomodation/college).

Creating work wothout the confines/connotations of a traditional gallery space-setting our own standards/boundaries-a tailor made space.

Children's den/animal nests are tailor made for a purpose.

Development of group practice-process art, problem solving at every stage, refining an idea through group practice.

extremely rough
but all the ideas are grouped together in one place at least
we will run this by everyone on wednesday
and once it's been ok'd we will write it up in prose
if we've missed anything out put it in a comment on this post
by elizabeth chloe miriam and florence

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