Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Alicia key's

"no one" is a rad tune to blog to, that's all i'm saying.
yey to florry uploading jamie's paper den plans. paper is the way forward i think, maybe test it out to see how we can contstruct it without getting paper cut's etc. & agreed to making little books,stapled paper together things, with each of our own designs in them.
i've been ffffounding it again & heres some things i think are nice.
i've been looking into making things out of found cardboard,as well i like it's consistancy. i'm amazing at explaining myself, dear god. Frank bruno recording is amazing, i lov miriam's belly man laugh! 
p.s dead soz about being late for the meeting, my sleeping pattern's for shit=not cool.
pp.s i'm having a bit of a jade moment & i'm now listening to ne-yo & chris brown. might aswell.

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