Thursday, 29 January 2009

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For our external project we aim to build a den to create and exhibit work in. We are currently researching two venues in which to house our project, The Bunhouse and Area 10 in Peckham. Exhibited work will be based upon the construction process and the nature of nest building.
We want to explore the idea of ownership. We also want to realise an imagined space and filter the real world through it’s walls.

In The Poetics of Space, Gaston Bachelard describes memories as being tied to specific places, rather than times. This is an idea we would like to pursue in this project.


We will refine the concept, materials and techniques that we will use for the final exhibition through practical experimentation. This will take the form of four workshops, each followed by a publication documenting their outcomes. The first will be an exercise in building using found materials sourced from skips and building sites etc.

The format of the following workshops will be decided on after an evaluation of the first.

Throughout this project we will be continuously documenting our working practice in order to chart development, facilitate evaluation and to generate source material for further work.


As young people, no space is our own. We live in rented accommodation and work in college studios. By building our own space we can create work which is only limited by self set boundaries, outside the confines and without the connotations of a traditional gallery space.

In the same way that children tailor the structure of a den to specific imagined parameters, we will tailor our den to our purposes.

We wish to build upon established group practice through collective problem solving to refine our idea.

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