Monday, 26 January 2009

that cheese does not look like cheese (21/01/09)

this is shit quality. the tape is better.

main points include:

1. Elizabeth and Chloe need to get on the blog.
2. Alice- "As reality starts to (can't hear it detract/obstruct?) the mind, people still need the sanctity of somewhere to escape and express themselves"
3. Eliza researching Area 10
4. Florence emailing Naomi, Kelly and Ben about shop spaces/ warehouse spaces.
5. final event potentially happening in the week, the 11th-17th of May, the fourth week of the summer term.
6. Emma researching Shoreditch Town Hall.
7. Renting a studio- a possible venue. Florence researching it.
8. We should have a venue which is at least "looking positive" by the time we pitch the idea- February 3rd.
9. First experiment will be materials based.
10. Rather than discuss themes and concepts we should get on with doing something practical and evaluate what we learn during that process.
11. We are going to source materials from skips, building sites etc.
12. "go out collect a load of stuff from skips and build a little house out of it"
13. Could experiment with both indoor and outdoor construction. This depends on the nature of the resources we collect.
14. First experiment is an excercise in building purely with found materials. "by doing it we'll get an idea for how easy it is or how available stuff is/what kind of stuff you can find/how meaningful the result is." if it flops we can explore other options in further experiments.
15. Film sets are made entirely from polystyrene.
16. We should bring things ourselves: cardboard, glue, old stuff, wood.
17. We need to define the experiment. "it needs to be a case of us, setting out to find out something specific." what is that specific thing.
18. Does buying things like PVA or wallpaper paste weaken the strong concept of building using found materials only? do we have a choice? you can find newspaper you can find cardboard, you can't really find wallpaper paste.
19. Everyone bring binding materials: nails, glue, staples, string, needle and thread, wallpaper paste, masking tape, gaffa tape, tights, knitting, ring binders, zips, belts, buckles. "even if you only have a slight notion as to how it would fix something together or help to build something then still bring it. it's the whole point of the experiment."
20. Everyone look out for skips or piles of rubbish, houses that are being gutted and note down their whereabouts.
21. We should look at Freecycle and Gum tree, also that free paint exchange.
22. We should use any materials that we can get our hands on: drum kits, sofas, broken bikes. Free is the name of the game.
23. During the experiment we will drive around in Elizabeth's car and also travel on foot or by bike.
24. The experiment doesn't need to be before the pitch. We always try and cram too much stuff in. It would be nice to do it properly and give it some consideration.

more to come...


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