Saturday, 17 January 2009

This is some of the vaguely relevant research from an old project. Sorry if some of its a bit random...and i'm putting it up in the order it was in my sketchbook so it jumps around a bit xx

Quotes from Poetics of Space:
(not suggesting we make it about memory as such, just about the way space is used)

'...thanks to the house, a great many of our memories are housed...our memories have refuges that are more clearly delineated'

'we are unable to relive duration that has been destroyed. We can only think of it, in the line of abstract time... memories are motionless, and the more securely they are fixed in space, the sounder they are.'

----- this in terms of the factwe could create a something secure and fixed in space but it won't be permanent...?

I'm aware its laaaaame to reference band artwork but...

' Escaping reality is as easy as draping an old sheet over two cahirs and weighing each side down with books. Removing yourself from reality is imperative in den making. The materials are not important, a shack can become a palace, it all about imagination. A den is most commonly known as a place children build from whatever is around them as a haven to escape to and to store secrets in.
As reality starts to infiltrate the mind... people still need the sanctity of somewhere to escape and express so we go on creating dens in forms other than structural... safe and secluded enough for to release fears and fantasies.'(mystery jets- making dens album)

--- I don't want to just create a den- its too basic but i think there are some interesting ideas about imagination etc.

Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin- Portrait of mother with past affixed also

Bill Viola:
'The real place that the work exists is not on the walls of a room but in the mind and heart of the person who has seen it. Aim to awaken images within people.'

If we are making space out of found/reused objects:
- Junk art from the 1960's
--John Chamberlain

Or.... modern artist Brian Griffiths- he did an installation in the chelsea college show ground while we were on foundation:

quotes from some websites: 'Monumantal scale structures/sculptures are portals for adventure- cardboard box space ships
- garbage can knights etc'
'Griffiths trades on the 'secret histories' of the 2nd hand objects using their authenticity to falsify a more exotic, ancient history in his works.'
Bone shaker, and beneath the stride of giants, 2004.

- made entirely from recycled material.
'sources range from old textbooks, furniture, novels, broken umbrellas etc. -collaged together materially and conceptually... tapping into the malleabilty of recognisible objects and the flexibility of content allows a change in appearence to be instantly discernable- permits the viewer to recognise something of themselves and the known within the folds of the fantastic.He creates space for the fantastic and imagination.'(someone elses analysis)


The Man Who Flew Into Space From His Apartment» 1968-96

'Kabakov constructed total installations...called 'total' since they represented enclosed space that were juxtaposed to the space of the museum where they were exhibited and of course to the surrounding local environment. These all represented a worls within a world and the viewer upon entering this space finds himself in an entirely different place.'

Butterfly, 2003

Richard wilson: "Take an object, crush it, pull it out again, try and reclaim it"
'ideas based on recognisible material froma world of pre-existing form.'

---- The form of the pre existing material dictates the from of the work.


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