Friday, 13 February 2009

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I was thinking about what Pete and Luke said about the den being so personal that they felt uncomfortable being in 'our' space.

I went to shunt(the performance company/bar in the underground arches of london bridge) the other day for a meeting and the guy that runs it was saying that one of the reasons he think the space works so well is that because the entrance is only a tiny door within the station there is a great sense of discovery for all who see and experience it. It becomes personal for those who go there- and even though 3000 people go there a week it feels like a place only you know about.

I found this interesting because I think if the space we build can have the element of discovery and exploration the audience will be able to take the space on as their own- and hopefully not feel like they are not meant to be there or that they are intruding on our space.  I think that one of the reasons it was maybe uncomfortable on the presentation day is because we ushered them in and then sat outside which is not necessarily what we'd be doing to the audience of our space, but I think that we have to make it so that the audience wants to explore the space- can discover different parts of the space that no one else has seen etc.

I didn't go and see Faust or Masque of the Red Death (and I know we're not doing a performance) but I imagine it to have a similar feeling. As you walk round the space each audience member had their own experience of the play, each go into rooms and discover things that not everyone is seeing.

I think it would be interesting to create a space that everyone comes away feeling different from- so that not everyone saw all of it- or it changes as people go round so that everyone comes away with a different experience. 

just ideas.

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