Monday, 2 February 2009

box ox x xo xod

i've still got a bunch of boxes from when i moved house. i have about 6 or 7... 3 big ones and 3 or 4 medium/little ones. the big ones are about 50-60cm high and wide. little ones are all different sizes. i can bring them in but will need some help... i've also still got stuff packed away in other fairly large boxes, i could empty them... if i did that i would have maybe 10 boxes but would definitely need a lot of help gettin them in.

i also have a roll of canvas and a roll of that yellow book cloth we can use. and a roll of some a2 sheets of paper.

someone please get back to me on whether i should bring them in or if anyone can help. if iz could pick it all up with the her car that would ideal, but no worries if not, i'll still need some help though.

and i agree with jade, 3 hours is plenty of time... i reckon it would take 1 hour max to build a good enough den, 1 hour decorating it, 1 hour preparing and rehearsing the pitch. we don't have to say a great deal... it's all pretty self explanatory.


also, something for the snow:

"Lucy and Jorge Orta’s Antarctic Village-No Borders opens November 24th at Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, Italy. Antarctic Village-No Borders was originally installed in Antarctica in March 2007 as part of the 2007 Biennial at the End of the World. The 50 dome-shaped dwellings, reminiscent of no madic shelters or refugee camps, comprise Lucy and Jorge Orta’s idea of the “global village." Taken from here. For more pictures a detailed information go here, which also features such treats as affordable housing for the homeless:

Oskar Leo Kaufmann, Carton House, 2002

Studio Elmo Vermijs, Peopleskitchen.

More info here. - All of these are taken from which has some very ace things.

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