Thursday, 7 August 2008


and the jungle that is jades hair.

by the way this thing with the french art festival... who actually desperately really wants to do it? at the moment i'm not really fussed whether i do it or not, if i'm completely honest. i might feel differently closer to the time but right now whatever. so if anyone actually really really wants to do it let me know and we can sort something out... or 4 of you can take charge and i can forward on your details to the people who run it.

we're supposed to submit ideas by end of august but there doesn't seem to be many ideas that actually seem conceivable unless we have special weldering or electronics or sculptural skills. i personally think the best thing we can do is grab some objects from skips like chairs, cupboard doors or whatever and just paint/draw/decorate them till they look art school chic... yea?

p.s. word to the book fair.

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