Monday, 21 July 2008

some pictures and that

word up on monica canilao. i am a little bit in love with her. she did this show with swoon where they built treehouses and completely filled & covered the space

for an explorers camp we could make big canopies like this

also the singer of Fall of Efrafa makes these weird creatures and makes diary entries and documents etc asif they were discovered by explorers. they are really beautiful and i think relevant. i can't figure out how to post pictures from his website here but definitely take a look;

i went to an exhibition a few years ago by Christoph Buchel and it was maybe the best thing i've ever been to. I think it might've been mentioned in one of our talks. Basically he completely filled this warehouse with stuff. you walked in and it was like a hotel, but then you had to climb through a hole in the bottom of a wardrobe to get into the next room. there was a massive truck and you climbed in it and then went to the front and climbed down into a secret circular room. there was another section where you had to climb down into a freezer which led into the soil under the warehouse, you then had to crouch and walk through a tunnel which then opened out into this epic tent room like an archeologists site. it was mental. we could maybe incorporate this into the space, like have people have to climb through or into things. i also think it might be interesting if we don't make it completely explicit its an exhibition. like if the shop front was all dusty and you didn't really know what was going on. i dont know. just ideas.

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