Wednesday, 16 July 2008

spacey space

i've just spent about half an hour retyping this post over and over and only just now realised all i'm doing is regurgitating what's already been said. so i'm just gonna say i agree with everything everyone's said so far, and there's not much i can really add. but i do have a couple of things to say...

can we please start doing some visual research? i know people have occasionaly posted some pictures with their posts which is good but we definitely need alot more of it, whether it's entirely relevant or not. so far we're just plucking ideas out of our heads and there's nothing wrong with that but we need to be more informed, more focused and more inspired (case in point - katie's reaction to the musician exhibition she went to, plus the whole postsecret thing). we need to just start posting things we find interesting or inspiring or funny or whatever! in the same way flo's manifesto group project used their blog (the shelf society) to post up things they found interesting. it will lead us to much better ideas and will enable us to further explore ideas and get some substance to what we're doing.

ok, other than that i like all the ideas so far, and i'm well up for a jungle club thing (lovin the games and badges). i think the 3 strongest ideas we have so far are flo's jungle club, eliza's secrets/personality/brain thing (although this seems to me to be very ambigious at the moment) and jade's 2012 future thing.

i don't want to drown out the jungle idea or the inside someones brain idea but i'm just gonna focus on the 2012 idea cos i think it's been overlooked and i quite like it as i'm well into the cheesey sci fi crap.

so not only is the bar called 2012 which lends itself to unrealistic expectations of the near future, but also the interior of the bar is reminiscent of sci fi (i think). for example those symmetrical silver lights on the ceiling, and the slick curvey white chairs. the shape of the bar, with it's long thin shape, also reminds me of space shuttles and space stations or star trek interiors - small thin cramped spaces. another good example is stanley kubrick's 2001: space odyssey...

slick curvey chairs, narrow spaces etc. okay so the walls aren't white... but we could overcome that with rolls of paper or sheets of fabric (look at the floor in the above shot and notice how the same effect with the black lines could be achieved with long strips of paper or fabric next to each other - that isn't a suggestion for the floor though obviously as it'll get ripped and dirty, but for the walls maybe).

also check out these visions of the future from the 1950s and 60s... (taken from - it's all in italian but there's hundreds of images, i got up to page 16 and there's even more than that - well worth a look).

amazing! there's loads of magazine front covers about the future to:

and these amazing blue prints/architectural designs:

we could potentially turn the bar bar area into a space station or control room of some kind (control boxes made out of cardboard) there could also be interactive elements as flo mentioned with the jungle games. we could take it as ridiculously as we liked, we could even decorate the walls with portraits of aliens or something - it could be an alien space ship, not necessarily a human one. and then the stairway could be the entrance/landing hatch/stairwell to the outside world. and the basement we could turn into some alien landscape, and have made crap everywhere. the dj could be dressed as an alien.

anyway, i'm not saying i want to do the 2012 thing, i just want people to consider it as much as the other ideas cos i think it has potential.

i'm well up for the jungle thing. the concept of transforming the place could really be applied to anything...


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