Friday, 18 July 2008

Hi guys, sorry not commented in a while-my stepdad likes to hog the computer. It's not so fun sharing lol.

Also, sorry but tomorrow I'm working all day then ill be out in the evening then sunday I go to Bristol for a week so I won't be able to comment again until after that..Just thought I'd let you all know so you didn't think I was ignoring this or anything!

But yeah...when I get back I shall reply lots...All the ideas sound gooooood! I especially like the jungle thing with the diaries with entries and making our own species up etc..this could be really interesting.. Also we could collaborate on some of these maybe? like when you're younger...

Ours could be abit more sophis lol or not?? but yh we all draw parts of creatures??? etc. maybe?

Also I like the mask thing..yeah if we wear them itl only have to be on the opening night? as we cant be there all the time. would ours be of animals or the people living and researching etc there? (the explorers etc) but i also like alices idea of getting the visitors to wear the masks? would this only be the opening night also? or all the time? what would theres be of? how many would we need etc?

I will try and think of as many ideas whilst I'm away and I'll check back as soon as possible.

Love em xx

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