Thursday, 10 July 2008



I'm liking what jade said about relating the theme of the exhibition to the name of the bar. 2012 is kind of a funny name because it's the future but only four years in the future. Has anyone seen that 70s sci-fi show called SPACE:1999?

Instead of going all sci-fi on it we could use the idea of a period of time- from now until 2012. What can happen in four years, what we'll be like in four years or ageing or growing etc.

In terms of the secret lives idea, (things we do, feel or like that we don't tell anyone else about), i think it could work really well. We could even extend the idea by having the upstairs (the open, light airy bit) all about how you try and present yourself in public- strong, confident, attractive, funny, arty, talented, the best person ever etc. and have the dark basement divided into crampt little spaces, or little areas like what ELIZA said where we show work about secret stuff. Its quite a versatile idea because it would be possible to make work thats very serious or work thats funny and stupid.

If we were to do that idea, in order to make it really intersesting and exciting and if anyone wanted to make work about themselves we would have to be prepared to be super honest about stuff. You cant be half arsed and say "my hairs dyed" or like "I've got big feet" because people will just say BIG DEAL. You've got to say "I've got hairy toes" or "im a hemaphrodite". Thats a bit heavy though. you know what i mean.

I'd want peoples reactions to be "me too" or feelings of embarrasment or laughing or whatever. We'd have to pitch the work carefully because we wouldn't want to look like a bunch of twats pouring our hearts out. ha ha.

✩ when i first got to camberwell i told everyone i was born round the corner in new cross coz i wanted to look street but I was actually born in West Dulwich which is a super posh middle class boring place ✩


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