Saturday, 19 July 2008

stump fucker

i really want to make a jungle. The sci-fi thing doesnt really excite me in any way- sorry im being a big girl.
What emma said about the "heads bodies and legs" idea was really interesting. We could play that game on a grand scale. Using large sheets of paper- someone draws a head (tiger,whale,armadillo whatever) then covers up that drawing and the next person draws the body of whatever animal they wanted and then the next person does the legs. If we did very detailed drawings, and forget about style or trying to look cool- drawings like the one's you find in scientific journals where the aim is to provide as much information and detail as possible we could end up with some really cool weird but nice bits of work to go in the explorers hut. I dont know if that made any sense.

Im also interested in making violent stuffed animals and people aswell.

I think we should definitely be as creative as possible. By that I mean lets not just regurgitate victorian biological type stuff, with wooden cabinets and all that, lets try and invent our own type of explorer's hut or jungle floor- not just recreate what we know already exists. We can and should take inspiration from taxidermy and victoriana but we shouldnt be all lazy and do whats been done loads of times before. dont know if that made sense either.

i want to put pictures up but i hate doing google image search and putting up stuff thats a bit random. im going to do some drawings of ideas for jungle club this week and scan them in.

I wish I didn't have to work so god dam much!!!!!!!!

lots of love from wesley snipes

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