Thursday, 17 July 2008

masks and drawings

just found these images from a school play of the jungle book... these monkey masks in the first image are pretty fucking creepy.

and check out the kid in the back:

i'm liking creepy jungle masks... may i also suggest that we could also turn the upper bar area into the inside of a tree house or jungle hut, with stairs leading to the jungle floor...

this could potentially lend itself well to the fact we're illustration students, as it will give us a context with which to decorate the walls with images and drawings... for example it could be an 18th century explorer's base camp, we could have lots of animal or botanical illustrations around the walls. it would also give us free reign to invent new creatures, weird hybrids etc... here are some examples of what i'm talking about taken from (an incredible website, definitely check it out if you haven't already).

we could also make small cages to put stuffed animals in (like katie's plush toys from best before) and hang them from the ceiling.

in this sense there could be a narrative. we could leave journals lying aroud the tables filled with entries like "today whilst observing the workings of a bee colony i was attacked by what seemed like a large winged creature..." etc with some weird illustrations or whatever. we could create a narrative and create almost like a film set, or a place that's frozen in time where it's like you're just walking into some explorer's jungle hut and looking at all his/her belongings and discoveries...

i don't know, just ideas.


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