Monday, 14 July 2008

whatagwan timmy


I totally forgot about fuckin POSTSECRET. sneakin up and ruining our fun. i agree its too damn similar. WE WOUDA DONE IT BETTER THOUGH.

1. However i still think something on the theme of THINKING could work and be good in the same way. what goes on inside 'the mind' etc. Before i started going out with Samuel i had a dream that he had no hands or feet and that he had sex with me using his stumpy arms and legs. this made me feel wierdly attracted to him and we started going out. WHAT THE FUCK.
Also things you think when you're just sitting around that you never remember later.
When i walk past things like tables or chairs i sometimes imagine people falling over them in my head and i burst out laughing.

This idea has the potential to be too personal to me so maybe it wouldn't work as the theme for a group exhibition. Anyhoo.

2. When is Chie going back to Japan and for how long? This could affect her joining the group- or not.

I intend to start doing some of my own work on these or any other ideas we come up with in the next few weeks just to get the ball rolling. I think doing some drawings or whatever and posting them on here could really help us to work out what were doing. nothing major just sketches and visual ideas.

xxx flo

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