Sunday, 13 July 2008


  • i'm deffoz up for a bit of chie action. get her in on the game.

  • the venue is called bar 2012 (or 2010). anyway, it's a number, which references the future.
  • i think the 1999 show is funny. i have never seen it. although, i can just picture it being a 1960s snapshot into the year 1999. when we'd apparentz have flying cars and all that shit.
    do you remember when it was new year 1999 and everyone was like , all the computer systems will become infected with uncurable viruses, the world is going to end, the sun will burn out and jesus will be reborn? do you know what i mean? that was funny too.
  • how good is the postcard thing? they're so interesting. i love tiny bits of narrative. they give you a cheeky incling (sp) into something much bigger. as j-dog mentioned, we do need to be careful of copy catting, if we're going down that route. however, it's not like the launch night of our careers,so i don't think people are going to be TOO judgemental. whatevz.
  • at the moment, i think our strongest ideas lie with these two:

    FUTURE (referencing name of bar)
    SECRETS (need to tweak this, so it's not like the postcard mania thing)


    finally, by having chie onboard, i know we're not in it, but i'm hoping she'll get us out the dogpoo.


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