Tuesday, 1 July 2008

just read Emma's suggestions and like her it really made me think about the space. i know i wasn't around at the outset of this project but i would really like to be involved in it and it wasnt through a lack of enthusiasm that i wasn't there. i know that you are only looking for people who are hardworking and dedicated to making this work--and i only hope that i have given this impression this year. i know i am not the most out spoken person in class but i have ALOT of ideas and i really love working hard and thinking about the work i am producing......anyway, i was thinking about the contrasting nature of the show space with the upstairs and downstairs and the changing light levels etc and i was thinking about approaching it from a more human angle--if there are worries about not having enough depth to the work there is nothing more complex and intreging than the human being..

many people appear 'normal' on a surface level but underneath there is a darker sub text to their lives. it could be a really interesting idea to almost do a study of a single person --maybe someone who we invent our selves and set about creating their world - but perhaps they see things slightly differently or have dillusions or something that would mean that even though you would be thinking that you were looking at something quite pleasant it soon becomes apparent that it's not quite right. it could get more and more confusing downstairs and we could really play around with the space and make it really confusing and distorted....it is a bit of a loose idea at the moment but i hope you can kind of see where i'm coming from with it...??

E x

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