Monday, 30 June 2008

Sorry..third post of the day..

I agree about the front back theme, as in we could try and think of something else or expand from this?..I think the idea about having 2 different levels functioning differently would work well as when you walk down the stairs it is so different from street level.. The atmosphere changes and the dullness of it is really apparent..can we add to this? or change this?
I think the stairs could have potential for an idea?..they link the 2 spaces (obv) but they're a big part of it
Also, as the lady said we can do anything to the space we should take advantage of this maybe? I don't think there will be many opportunities to do this (most places we'll get will probably have the same rules that best before did about touching the walls etc) but then we shouldn't just do it for the sake of it.Jordan mentioned the evil twins exhib by container... I helped out container plus when they did the V&A late event the other month (I was just a guide that took the visitors to the evil twins booth by holding their hands and walking them through the cast courts in silence..hard to do when they're chatting to you!!) but it was really intersting to do. I'm personally not up for the whole performing thing but the booths and the props they had etc were really good! The visitors seemed to really enjoy it..Also I like the idea about using the space as an exsisting thing (pharmacy etc) could be interesting to transform the space that way.
But yeah..I've just got in so need to start thinking properly about it all!

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