Friday, 27 June 2008

above and below

hah, lovin the picture of pete in india.

anyway just to get the ball rollin on this thing... anyone read the time machine by h.g.wells? it's about a time traveller, shockingly, who goes into the future where humans have devolved into two separate species. there are the eloi, who are like playful little children running around squealing at things and eating lots of fruit. and then there are the merlocks, who are spidery ape-like cannibals that live underground and eat the eloi. they also operate machinery to keep the eloi alive and happy, like cattle.

it's a damn good book and was written in like the late 1800s or something so he was a bit clever to be thinking about that kinda shit back then.

anyway, above and below - it's just something to think about... could the two rooms in the gallery interact? could there be a narrative?

i go on holiday tonight so see you all in a weeks time.


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Love the Time Machine! have you seen the film? also very cool.