Wednesday, 16 July 2008


i always liked the ideas we had in the beginning. Like Best Before i think simple ideas are nice because they dont take any time to explain, anyone can understand them and get something out of the work and we don't run the risk of doing something overcomplicated and mega arty. We are only just starting out on the road to illustration stardom after all. We have to start somewhere.

Exhibitions with a simple idea, i think are quite rare. there are tons of overcomplicated concept heavy shows, especially around brick lane and THE EAST. I always felt like having a simple show would be quite nice in the face of all that. like a whole show about circles or something but better. like what we were thinking before. Front and back etc.

Having a simple idea doesn't mean the work will be simple or it will be boring to execute it. its our job to be able to take any theme and produce exciting, personal, original work and if we can't do it now then were fucked!

At this stage lets let the secrets idea go. however it did start off as something more interesting than just secrets. Eliza talked about the two or more different sides/minds/personas that a person can have. I think that that idea is still a strong one and lends itself to the upstairs downstairs set up of the bar.

I think we are an interesting enough group of people to make any idea exciting and original.

Also Jade made the point about relating what we do to the name, environment, or expectations people would have of the bar which I also think would be an interesting and relevant road to go down: buying, selling, brewing, drunkenness, mixing, arguments, fights, binge britain, 2012 etc.


ps. where's Miriam? she needs to get on here and sort us out!!

lots of love

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