Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I really like Elizas idea too about the little rooms or pods etc...
Sorry to mention them again but container plus (our old tutor luises collective thingy) do similar things. Their websites got quite a lot of images on it!
Especially in the 'shows' section, like the 'a haunted house' and 'the enchanted forest.' Also in the v&a late one (don't laugh at the photo, i hate me on it!) you cant really see it from this but inside the black box booth things (there were 4 of these) there was either 1 or 2 actors which were in character and they each had props to relate to them. Again I'm definately not saying we should be in the booths because I never want to do that but just the atmosphere they created inside each one etc. Also anything we do will have to be a lot smaller as the space we have isn't that big!
This is only a quick rant msg so I'll do a better one when i'm not tired!
Hope you're all well!

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