Thursday, 17 July 2008


really really liking the massive jungle idea, we could make animals reptiles insects paint them draw them, history of the jungle tribes markings and costume, the whole idea of canopy and below the trees where not as much light is let through is also good for the downstairs and could be really creept and gory like insects and moulding animals and like tigers ripping flesh from killed prey. we could have a jungle pool and make fish or boats and then tree houses in trees we have made.

you could have to go through leaves and hanging vines to get in.
we could rename the coctails for the weeks we are there incorperating the bar.

1. forts - we can build things, structures
2. blow up things(i know this picture is stupid, but showing we can oush things out of general junle aesthetic)
3. weird ways of looking at things, this photo is just hilarious!

sorry these pictures are shite just needed some IMAGES

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