Monday, 7 July 2008

hello fuckerz.

yes,it is i.
i feel like a bitch for not contributing yet. a big, fat curly thank you to jdog for re-sending the invitation.

FIRSTLY, i don't know why she included it, however, i would like to know why. i'm talking about, the thing that flo mentioned; when you practice what you're going to say to someone.
i so do that too.haha.
was that an idea for the show? 'cause i heart it.
if so, i would like to EXPLORE this idea and stuff related. anyone else agree?
(although,i don't wana start a whole revolution when we all seem keen on changing the bar environment.)

i too, think it's a really effective idea,completely renovating the surroundings of the space.
however,i think how we alter the space needs to be relevant to the bar.
we can't just go off on a tangent and change it into 'poo land' or 'wee world' (lol), just 'cause it'd look good.
what do you all think about that? making it relate to the environment of a bar.

this brings me to the difficult but crucial bit:
what are we going to change the bar into?

*important*>>> please read these bullet points. they may lead me and you to some good ideas.

quick thoughts.
for relevancy and narrative:
-drinking - what happens when you drink? get drunk,what happens then? sick,shag,hangover,be silly,funny,lolz

-happy hour - everyone smiles, cheap drinks, spend less, tacky chalkboard to promote it

-brick lane - EAST,kewl kidz,pure vintage init? litter everywhere,buskers,markets ,follow the yellow brick road, wizard of oz, fairy tales, newsagents, pay £1.75 for a cash point, no free cash points, no tube, loadsa indian restaurants, nice and spice

-scene nights - art promoters

-two floors - stairs, lift elevators, shopping centres have these,

-bar- glasses,bottles,till,butons (on till), money,barrels, beer, tips

-name of the bar- binary (010100010),date of the future

quick conclusion:
we could change it into a market with buskers and shit?
we could change it into a futuristic (whatever our idea of ''futuristic'' is) world/place?
we could change it into an underground lab where the things are preserved in pint glasses and beer bottles?
these sound loose and gay now,but someone may come up with development or a better spin off,etc.


i know this is second to the concept/idea but might get other ball's rollin',aye? so here are some pretty pictures of ''spaces'' and that.

things in jars idea.

thinking how we could manipulate the walls.

different materials we could use.

the futuristic idea. (i really like this image-tacky sci-fi shit,init?)
i want people to look like this in the future 'cause i am retro.

obviously,this kind of thing would be on a bigger scale.

note carpet tiles.

nice things. and,finally, this is what i think.

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