Thursday, 3 July 2008

i thought i would say something as i feel abit like i've not contributed much so far. all the ideas sound really good and i think any one of them would be a good starting point. it's abit hard having not seen the space but the fact that most of the ideas revolve around some sort of opposite with the top and bottom spaces i think shows that its a really rad idea that we should work into whatever we decide to base the work on.

another point i think is definitely worth exploring is that idea of transforming the whole of the space into an environment of sorts. set it apart from standard exhibitions, etc. if we ended up doing some sort of opposite/underworld type thing that would lend itself really well. we could maybe take the opposites idea and apply it to the media we use etc.

i also really like eliza's idea about the hidden sides of people, i think that could be really really interesting. like what people like people to know about themselves and what they'd prefer people didnt know. this isnt a strong enough idea for a whole exhibition i think but as some sort of prep we could maybe list things about ourselves we are proud of or want people to know about us and then on the flipside shameful things we'd rather forget (e.g -for a long time i really wanted the Slipknot 'S' logo tattooed on my leg). i don't know, these are just ideas really. the only ones i have had. i just thought i would put some input in! maybe we should set some sort of deadline for deciding the theme or concept?

Pete x

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