Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Stronger Before

hey all, i have not been on here in ages but just sat down and read everything all at once and feel as though we had much stronger ideas at the beginning.

and now its all getting a bit angsty to me with postcards of secrets, which has been done before and i have definitely seen in other places before, in the clelsea summer show there was a girl who put secrets in melted sugar and then it dried and then in the exhibition she had a light over it and as it melted the secrets came out. i just think its all a bit revisited.

i think we need to think away from ourselves and push ourselves into another frame of mind. making the space so that people are uneasy in it i think is the best thing so far for me, the above/below and different feelings in both areas. or different world.

i really like the idea of people understanding the top but not necessarily the bottom, but that the aesthetic of it is uneasy/disturbing/gory and the darkness sounds great and the pods! i dont know about the tents idea beacuse it could get a bit crowded down there and its really not that big.

i think we should also think about what the people who come to see the exhibition have a role as, where they stand and look at the stuff we produce, should they interact say sitting on things we have made which add to the environment creating space and how they are part of the installation without knowing.

we could almost make our own worlds like the needs project, where we are organisms and how we interact with one another, producing work together in our origional styles or adopting styles of everyone elses in a need to survive in the environment. i think it could get too bedroom if we all do our own stuff on our own. and it was so much more fresh when we all did stuff together at best before, i know we all want to do stuff on our own too but i think it should be stuff that we dont work on all holiday and all produce something totally different from each others i think we need to beat together or things would look odd in a collective exhibition.

riiiiiiiiiiiiight love to all. Au revoire de la belgique x

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