Tuesday, 15 July 2008

silly silly

we could do a completely over the top monster take over or jungle take over making it really silly and not taking ourselves seriously at all.

big pink fluffy poodle walking a fat little man with his willy out?

i went to an exhibition at the weekend and it was a collection of people now in bands who used to be artists or who had done art there was the pete doherty shite there and some coco rosie stuff but it was all major balls because they all took themselves so seriously but the best thing there was some paintings of like big rabbits wearing clothes and dogs with knickers on their heads and a big fluffy poddle painting and then a giant snail made of paper.

the only thing im worried about is the bla bla arty snoot snoot of brick lane and pretentious crap they expect and which we may end up with but not pulling it off so well. not that there is lack of faith xxxxxxxxxx

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